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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sorry Icestar

Sorry Icestar, but I am removing myself from this blog. Let's face it: I never have anything to post. Plus I have a lot of other blogs, and I don't have the time because I have to spend extra time with my mom and baby sister. And if I actually discover something, I'll just put it in a comment ok? :) K, bye!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Spoilers for Fading Echoes

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Make sure you dont yell at me at the end if they all arent true. This seemed like it could be very true to me so that is why i posted it. Im sorry i havent posted in a while it is because there seems to be nothing to post anymore! Well anyways hope you enjoy!!!

ok everyone i have some spoilers for fading echos. these have not been 100% confirmed, but when i skimmed through the erin hunter chat with vicki, she hezitated to answer a few questions... intresting huh? but anyways, if this doesnt happen in the books, dont blame me!

one of the most interesting ones i found was this snit bit of a chat...

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

VickyHolmes(A): Do you really expect me to answer that?

WHO KNOWS?????? maybe! she also said there was a femal villian comming up in the series! i think hollyleaf or ivypaw, but thats just me. ivypaw might become extremely jelous and kill dovepaw, or try to at least.

heres what kate had to say about the situation...

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

KateCary(A): I don't know! I suspect Vicky knows but I'm not asking her because I LOVE the suspense of not knowing - it's easier to identify with Lion and Jay cos they don't know either

and cherith...

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

CherithBaldry(A): Even if we knew we wouldn;t say!

something that shocked me.

Hazelleaf(Q): We saw crowfeather's outward reaction to the discovery of his kits- what was his internal reaction? Does he care about his kits or Leafpool?

VickyHolmes(A): Rest assured that Crowfeather has a lot of feelings boiling under his fur! You’ll get more glimpses of them in the next series, I promise.

cherith says...

CherithBaldry: I love Crowfeather! I think because he lost Feathettail and then leafpool, he now associates love with loss, so he won;t let himself love Nightcloud.

GASP?! crowfeather has FEELINGS?! who knew!

Coalfang(Q): will holly leaf and ashfur end up in the dark forest, or starclan, and will that be significant in 'Omen of the stars?

VickyHolmes(A): No comment – that would give away too much! Sorry, all these questions are making me feel mean.

dun dun dunnnnnn... another suspicuouse rumor! maybe its that hollyleaf and ashfur team up to destroy the clans! well, we'll just have to wait, wont we?

another thing that makes me wanna kill her, lol not really but i need to know these things!

Skywing(Q): Jayfeather can see StarClan. Lionblaze; The Dark Forest. If Hollyleaf truly is dead, can Ivykit/Dovekit see the place where she walks? As she doesn't deserve the place of no stars, or StarClan.

VickyHolmes(A): This is kind of tricky to answer, Skywing, on account of how I can't tell you if Hollyleaf is dead... I mean, I COULD tell you, but I'm choosing not to!

so is she or not?!

another chat snit bit, kind of interesting idea huh?

Wolf(Q): Have you ever considered a megadisaster that would wipe out a good bulk of ThunderClan? For people who love to kill of characters so much, you guys have been pretty merciful on ThunderClan's population. XD

VickyHolmes(A): I have considered it, yes, but I’m reluctant to have to populate an entire Clan with brand new characters (and all their names) when Kate, Cherith and I have spent so long getting to know the familiar faces! Also, we've had fires, floods, rampaging dogs, and major roadworks - those ThunderClan cats seem to dodge everything I throw at them! They are INVINCIBLE!

CherithBaldry: Oh please not tons more names to learn!

so i guess that ones a no...

Adderfang(Q): Any updates you can give us on the 'warrior movie' possibility?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, the fickle world of movie-making! Right now, there are no Warriors movies in production, or even under consideration. The economy is not in a healthy state for production companies to invest in a rather dark, intense animation about feral cats, apparently. L I promise I’ll let you know if anything changes!

darn! noo! i want a movie SO BAD!

FrostfootDreamleaf(Q): Have you ever thought of doing warrior cat plushies/stuffed animals?

VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I want a plushy of ME! Like that’s ever going to happen… I think Warriors plushies, along with all other merchandise like stationery or clothing, would be part of a movie deal, and not somewhere HarperCollins would venture on their own.

this would be awesome. darn you movie economy that doesnt wanna make a film about wariors! DARN YOU!

Morningleaf(Q): Will skyclan or the tribe of rushing water be coming back into the main series?

VickyHolmes(A): The Tribe will definitely pop up again! Not sure about SkyClan – at first I thought they would, not I’m not so sure about the likelihood of them making such a long journey. But don’t worry, SkyClan fans – this lovely Clan get their very own Super Edition next year in the shape of SkyClan’s Destiny! Cherith is writing that right now (and it’s going to be awesome).

sa-WEET! i am very exited to know about these things. just wish they didnt wait so long for it to come out!

Jayfeather(Q): Does Leafpool take part in Omen of the Stars?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, she’s most definitely involved.

well that one was kind of obvious, but anyways

Daisypaw(Q): Back in the old days, apprentice training started at dawn. Kits AND apprentices used to bow in respect to elders and senior warriors. It was considered an honor to be allowed to eat with the senior warriors. A queen could have several litters and we'd never hear a word about the multiple fathers. Handling mouse bile was a punishment. But nowadays, queens become VERY attached to usually only one tom. Cats can eat with whoever they wish. Removing ticks from the elders has become a daily chore, and cats only bow in respect to the leader or medicine cat- and even then, not as much as they should. What has happened to all these traditions? Will they ever come back?

VickyHolmes(A): Hi Daisy! Okay, these are fair points, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Training still starts at dawn if you’re on an early border or hunting patrol, which usually involve most of the apprentices (seeing as there aren’t that many now). The warriors still tend to eat in their ranks, although I agree we haven’t made that obvious for a while. The whole multiple-father thing, although realistic, became too difficult an issue when it came to family trees, and also to the sense that our cats are seen by many readers (and their parents) as moral role models. You can figure out for yourself why we streamlined all the messy relationships, then! I don’t think tick-duty takes place every day – don’t forget, a lot goes on that we don’t see on the page. Finally, the reason cats don’t bow quite as much as they used to is because every other line started to include “dipped his head”, “dipped her head”, “bowed his head”, etc. Far too repetitive for my liking! So I cut down, although it still goes on.

and kate...

KateCary(A): I think there still is a lot of respect running through the Clans but you're right, they've become a lot more easy-going on the rules and regulations. I put this down to Firestar rather brilliant and relaxed leadership. he's more interested in the heart of a warrior than the petty rules

wow, im glad that was in there! sure, removing ticks is a punishment for "warrior" apprentiices, but not medicine cats!

Sandcloud(Q): Did you always mean to make Hollyleaf um... go out like she did?

VickyHolmes(A): I’ll be honest (gasp! Actually, I’m always honest, I just sometimes hide a bit of the truth): in The Sight, Hollyleaf was absolutely and totally one of the Three in the Prophecy. I always wanted to send her into a place where she would end up doing something dreadful, but I thought this would come about because she misused her extraordinary powers. But by Book Three, I just couldn’t think what Hollyleaf’s power was. Jay and Lion had walked straight into their roles from the moment they appeared in my head, but Holly seemed to reject everything I offered her, from foreseeing the future to reading minds (unlike Jay, who senses emotions but can only read memories). Nothing seemed to fit – and I realized, literally overnight, that she was never meant to have a power. She wasn’t one of the Three, and the knowledge of this would help to crush her, along with all the other doom I had lined up for her. I LOVE it when characters find their own destinies like that!

well, thats interesting. i never liked hollyleaf, she was always a pain in the neck. "oh you didnt follow the warrior code!" bla bla bla, just shut up hollyleaf!

ok enough of the chats! that list goes on forever! but here are some spoilers im 99.9% sure of!

lionblaze and icecloud become mates! yay! YES THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!

a younger warrior gets blinded by a falling tree, i wonder who?

bavrs might be a problem, again.

leopardstar dies, i think we all knew this was coming.

firestar dies, ya i think we knew that was coming too.

A battle between the dark forest and starclan takes part, im not sure which book

(end of spolers)

ok well that all ive got about spoilers! but some interedting rumors are going around!

Ivypaw becomes evil and teams up with hollyleaf and ashfur to kill cats of thunderclan.

when firestar dies brambleclaw becomes leader and appoints berrynose as deputy. WHAT??????

leafpool dies because breezetail kills her when sshe saved icecloud from him. like breezetail attacks icecloud and she saves her, but dies. thats so sad!

thhats all i got! gtg at dinner be back later bye!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Contest winners!!

SParklestar Scarheart Dreamstar and Buzz Girl!!! You all get this wonderful thing i creaated!!

I hope you like it!!!! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Also i would like for you to be one of my Team members if you would like!!!


Friday, January 1, 2010



Fond this have some therories!!

As Jayfeather tackles his new responsibilities as the Clan's sole medicine cat and Lionblaze trains his apprentice in the ways of the warrior code, Dovepaw hones her unique ability and tries to use it for the good of ThunderClan. But the dark shadows that have preyed on the Clan for many moons still lurk just beyond the forest. Soon a mysterious visitor will walk in one cat's dreams whispering promises of greatness, with results that will change the future of ThunderClan in ways that no cat could have foreseen.

Okay this part Soon a mysterious visitor will walk in one cat's dreams whispering promises of greatness, with results that will change the future of ThunderClan in ways that no cat could have foreseen.
I think it is talking about Tigerstar. Im thinking he gets into Ivypaws mind and is training her the way he did Lionblaze but is tring to turn her against StarClan onto his side!

And this part But the dark shadows that have preyed on the Clan for many moons still lurk just beyond the forest.

I think this is about the Dark Forest cats coming to the living and fighting StarClan!!

What do you al think!!??


Okay so this is the first contest i have had on this blog!! All of the questions are about Bluestars Prophecy Into the Wild Fire and Ice and of COurse Forest of Secrets!!!

1)WHy did RiverClan have to move Camps?
2)Who are Tigerstars parents?
3) How was Moonflower killed?
4) WHy werent WindClan i there territory in book 1-2?
5) In Fire and Ice Barkface sees something on the clouds. What does he see?
6) Who are Bluestars 3 kits?

Whoever wins will get an award!