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Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Friday, September 25, 2009


-Hollyleaf is most likely alive
-Hollyleaf HAD powers until Outcast, when she became the non-power of three
-Leafpool is no longer a medicine cat
-Leafpool is still residing in ThunderClan
-Pinestar is NOT Firestar's father
-There is no Dove's Wing--Dovekit connection -***-
-Lionblaze will have a mate
-Heathertail is still in love with Lionblaze
-Breezepelt and Heathertail will NOT be mates
-Poppyfrost will have a mate and kits in the first book.
-Foxpaw's warrior name is Foxleap
-Icepaw's warrior name is Icecloud
-Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar; Cinderheart has a vague crush on him.
-Brightheart will have an apprentice
-Brambleclaw will NOT succeed Firestar as leader of ThunderClan
-Firestar will lose most of his remaining lives
-DOVEKIT is the fourth apprentice
-Ivykit is jealous of her sister, which MAY drive her to insanity/Hollyleaf/Tigerclaw
-Tigerpaw's warrior name is Tigerheart
-Barkface is dead
-OOTS will have FOUR veiwpoints: Jay, Lion, Dove, and Ivy
-Leopardstar will die in book two
-Mistyfoot will become Mistystar
-Reedwhisker is her deputy
-Reedwhisker is Mistystar's son
-Dawn, Flame, and Tigerpaw will play an important part with Tigerstar
-Purdy will stay in ThunderClan
-Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight will not have kits
-The lake will drain because of beavers building a dam upstream
-The scene with Ashfur, Squirrelflight, and the Three was written before Power of Three
-Goldenflower died of old age in her sleep between Sunset and the Sight
-Stormfur and Brook have kits
-Leopardstar was in love with Tigerstar


Minou(Q): The prophecy refers to the three as being "kin of [Firestar's] kin", but Dovekit and Ivykit are technically kin of his kin of his kin. How do you explain this?

VickyHolmes(A): “Kin” means “relative”, not just the closest generation. So your grandparents are your kin, your great-grandparents, your cousin’s children, their grandchildren – if anyone is linked to you by blood, they are your kin. Technically, the prophecy could have just said “your kin”, but that didn’t have the nice ring that “kin of your kin” does!

Sandcloud(Q): Did you always mean to make Hollyleaf um... go out like she did? and thank you for all you did at the Naperville tour!

VickyHolmes(A): I’ll be honest (gasp! Actually, I’m always honest, I just sometimes hide a bit of the truth): in The Sight, Hollyleaf was absolutely and totally one of the Three in the Prophecy. I always wanted to send her into a place where she would end up doing something dreadful, but I thought this would come about because she misused her extraordinary powers. But by Book Three, I just couldn’t think what Hollyleaf’s power was. Jay and Lion had walked straight into their roles from the moment they appeared in my head, but Holly seemed to reject everything I offered her, from foreseeing the future to reading minds (unlike Jay, who senses emotions but can only read memories). Nothing seemed to fit – and I realized, literally overnight, that she was never meant to have a power. She wasn’t one of the Three, and the knowledge of this would help to crush her, along with all the other doom I had lined up for her. I LOVE it when characters find their own destinies like that! And thanks for coming to see me at Naperville. Anderson’s is one my most favourite stores to visit!

Quailfeather(Q): In Sunrise when Leafpool stepped down from being a Medicine Cat, did she step down to a Warriors status, or was she banished?

VickyHolmes(A): You’ll find out in Omen of the Stars Book One! She’s still on the cast list, if that’s any consolation.

Rainfall(Q): Why did you choose to kill Honeyfern?

VickyHolmes(A): You’re not going to be very pleased with me, I’m afraid. I needed a cat to be killed by a snake in order to have a reason to have deathberries in the hollow, so that Hollyleaf could threaten to kill Leafpool with them later on. I worked back from that scenario, thinking, hmmm, what would be an excuse for Leafpool to have deathberries in her stores when she is so strict about not having them in the camp? How else might she use deathberries? How about laying a trap for something that deserved to be killed? Like…a nasty ol’ snake that bit a helpless innocent cat? Leafpool or another cat might come up with the idea of stuffing a mouse with deathberries to lay a deadly bait for the snake. Now, who can I kill with a snake? Hmmmm… Poor Honeyfern. ***.

Phantomwing(Q): While all of us might wonder about Leafpool, Hollyleaf and Squirrelflight, I wonder about this: what will happen to Crowfeather? While he may have SEEMED to be over Leafpool, we all know that this is not the case, and that he only acted like he did to save face at the Gathering. His Clanmates might get distrustful of him again, knowing that he has two living sons in ThunderClan.

VickyHolmes(A): You are SO RIGHT! Crowfeather is heaving with all kinds of conflicting emotions right now, but as always, it’s hard to know what he’s thinking underneath his gruff, unfriendly exterior. Only Leafpool and Feathertail were able to see beyond that to the sensitive, loving chap underneath (I’m pretty sure Nightcloud has no idea of her mate’s true character). The revelations at the end of Power of Three will echo far into Omen of the Stars, and Crowfeather’s adventures definitely aren’t over. So many good stories to come!

Flametail von Karma(Q): Do Dove’s Wing and Dovekit have any correlation? Also, Half Moon has “strong haunches”, and her father bears an eerie resemblance to Cloudstar. Is this just a coincidence? Not to mention that Whispering Breeze “doesn’t mind getting her paws wet”. Is this implying something about RiverClan, perhaps…?

VickyHolmes(A): Well spotted! I **** lots of clues about the future Clans in the community of ancient cats - so yes, some cats resemble cats we meet later on, some have characteristics that will feature in the modern Clans like not minding water. But Dove's Wing and Dovekit are not directly connected.

Firefawn(Q): why did you kill Hollyleaf?

VickyHolmes(A): Did I? Where does it say that?

Scorchtail(Q): Were Jayfeather and Hollyleaf named after their real parents? But how would Firestar know to name Hollyleaf after her mother?

VickyHolmes(A): Leafpool gave Jayfeather his name as a medicine cat, so yes, she chose it because of Crowfeather. I imagine the parents of a new warrior have some say in their new name, so Squirrelflight would have suggested –leaf to Firestar for Hollypaw. Firestar would have seen this as a tribute to Squirrelflight’s beloved sister, little realizing that it was actually a tribute to Hollyleaf’s real mother!

Lakestorm Wright(Q): If Jayfeather went into the tunnels, and came out in Jay's Wing's time, where did Jay's Wing go? I mean, he had to go somewhere when he went into the tunnels, right?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh no, I was hoping no one was going to ask me about this! Cherith asked me exactly the same thing when she was writing Long Shadows, and I gave her a really convincing answer, but the details seem to have got lost in the fog of my mind. I think I meant that Jayfeather actually became Jay’s Wing – not a reincarnation, not a temporary possession of his body – and by making the decision to go back to ThunderClan, Jay’s Wing had to leave his own Ancient Clanmates to follow a path that he had set for them. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Cometstorm(Q): What exactly will Omen of the Stars be about? I know that one of Whitewing's kits is the three, but can't you just give us a little teaser PLEASE??? Like what the "omen" is?

VickyHolmes(A): Dovekit is the "fourth" apprentice, and the true third cat mentioned in the prophecy. As you can imagine, her sister Ivykit is none too pleased about her littermate's special destiny... And that's enough revelations!

Rainripple(Q): Is Dovekit the fourth apprentice?

VickyHolmes(A): Yup!

Cloudy Havoqk(Q): Since Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar, will Cinderheart have a crush on him?

VickyHolmes(A): Tee hee, I hadn't thought of that! I think she just might... Thanks for the idea!

Flametail von Karma(Q): Can you tell us anything about who will become leader after Firestar? We know it won’t be Brambleclaw, and will be unexpected. Will it be a relatively new character? (New meaning from Power of Three onward here.)

VickyHolmes(A): No I cannot tell you anything about who becomes leader after Firestar. Because I am EVIL.

Ice(Q): Is Leapordstar(sp) going to die any time soon, I would love to see a Mistystar.

VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I don't think I'm giving too much away to reveal that Leopardstar has just died in Omen of the Stars Book Two! Mistystar is now the leader of RiverClan!

Cloudy Havoqk(Q): Do you ever write stories out of order? Like the last chapter first? Or do you always start with the first chapter?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh yes. The scene featuring Ashfur, Squirrelflight, Jay, Lion and Holly (and some fire and the cliff) came into my head before I even started thinking about The Sight. So the whole series was working up to that moment! But when it comes to planning an actual book, I make myself begin at the beginning, go right to the end, and stop.

Morningleaf(Q): Does Heathertail still like Lionblaze? Or are her and Breezepelt really in love?

VickyHolmes(A): Poor Heathertail, I suspect part of her heart still belongs to Lionblaze even though she knows it is an Impossible Love (yay, one of my favourite things!). No way are she and Breezepelt in love! Although their relationship is more complicated than "just friends".

Heartwing(Q): Why did you just have Leafpool retire? I love her but I was expecting Holly to kill her.

VickyHolmes(A): How could she stay as a medicine cat, when she has broken the code so dramatically? And LIED about her children? Leafpool has only herself to blame, sigh.

Minou(Q): Will where Brightspirit comes from be explained? Jayfeather didn't recognize them from StarClan.

VickyHolmes(A): Brightspirit came from long, long ago in the history of Clans - it's quite likely that we'll meet her later on in Omen, as we learn more about the formation of the early Clans.

Storme(Q): Was it really just pride that stopped Leopardstar from breaking her agreement with Tigerstar(when he was about to kill the half-Clans), or was there another factor--something she would never admit out loud--like fear?
VickyHolmes(A): Good question! Most definitely, Leopardstar was afraid of Tigerstar - but also in love with him, poor thing.

Wildflower(Q): Why do you think the Clans are seeming to fall apart now, when they have always been so solid before? Much of it seems to be blamed on poor Firestar by the other Clans because of the leaders turning against ThunderClan. Or is all this because of teh prophecy?

VickyHolmes(A): The Clans are falling apart because they are subject to many, many new pressures - not just moving home, but incoming influences like Sol. The Prophecy hasn't caused the trouble, but it anticipated it, hence the promise of three super-powered cats to bring the Clans back to their original strength.

FireWolf787(Q): Who is Mistystar's deputy?

VickyHolmes(A): Reedwhisker, one of the cats that Firestar and Graystripe rescued during a flood. Reedpaw is Misty's Son? Oh gosh, you're right!

Spottedshadow(Q): Will Ivykit be evil?

VickyHolmes(A): She'll be pretty miffed that her sister is getting all the attention, that's for sure!

FrostfootDreamleaf (Q): Are Breezepelt and Heathertail mates?
VickyHolmes(A): Nope.

Minou (Q) (to All, but especially Vicky): In regard to Hollyleaf, do you consider her the evil one? Was she really evil, or just angry and confused? Also, if she isn't the "Evil One", is she alive and going to come back as evil or is she dead and one of the others will become evil? (btw Hollyleaf looks adorable on the cover of Sunrise =D)
VickyHolmes(A): I’ve said before that none of my cats are truly evil – not even Scourge or Tigerstar, although it might take a few books to reveal the parts of their history that sent them in a particular direction. Hint: see Code of the Clans for a big clue about Tigerstar’s crazed hatred of kittypets! As for Hollyleaf, she was definitely angry and confused. She felt that she had been backed into a course of action that, however repulsive to her, was the only way she could save her Clanmates from knowing that the warrior code had been trampled in the dust. Sadly, the more she learned, the more she realized that there was no way to save them from this terrible knowledge. I’m not going to give away anything about what, if anything, lies in Hollyleaf’s future beyond Sunrise…

Lightstreaqk (Q): Vicky: (I wrote you a letter a few weeqks ago ) Hollyleaf was either crushed by the caves when they actually caved in, or while lost in the tunnels, right? Would her spirit wander the tunnels forever, liqke Fallen Leaves, or will it go somewhere else? In the summary for Sunrise, it said someone would be 'lost forever' Is that what it meant?
VickyHolmes(A): Not sure I can reply to this without giving too much away! But yes, “lost forever” referred to Hollyleaf as she appeared to her Clanmates at that time. Hint, hint.

Spottedshadow (Q): To Vicky: I'm a bit confused about the fourth apprentice. If either Ivykit or Dovekit is the fourth apprentice (I have a suspicion as to which kit it is, from the book covers, but I won't say anything), who are the other three? I'd assume they were Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather, but if Hollyleaf isn't really included anymore... and also, they aren't apprentices anymore. And, is the fourth apprentice the third cat mentioned in the phrophecy? Because if the third cat in the prophecy is the third apprentice, the fourth apprentice could be a problem... maybe even evil. It seems like finding out your sibling was included in a prophecy and you were just normal might be hard to take...
VickyHolmes(A): SPOILER ALERT FOR SUNRISE: Ack, too many numbers in your question! I think it’s generally known now that Dovekit is the cat referred to as The Fourth Apprentice. The other three are Jay, Lion and Holly, because all four have been “apprentices” to the Prophecy. However, Holly was never part of the prophecy, which referred all along to Jay, Lion and Dove. Gasp! So four apprentices, but only ever three cats who were part of the prophecy. And you’re right, learning that your littermate was part of a super-powerful prophecy while you’re not could send any cat down the path of evil…

Brambleflower (Q): How is Breezepelt dealing with the news that his father had a mate from a different Clan and had three kits with her?
VickyHolmes(A): One word: BADLY.

Scarletpetal (Q): What happened between Daisy and Spiderleg? I mean it was REALLY sudden, like just popped up O_o
VickyHolmes(A): Yup, it was kind of a one-night affair, and Spiderleg was pretty aghast when Daisy announced that she was expecting his kits. I wanted to reflect the fact that in real life, cats don’t mate for life, and pairs wouldn’t raise their kits together in a cosy little family. Obviously longer-term relationships work better in the series, but I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to let some realism creep in. Also, I saw great story potential in Spiderleg being a reluctant father - usually a tom is super-proud of his kits and very affectionate toward his mate, but Spiderleg doesn’t want anything to do with parental duties! This leads to the strength of Daisy’s character coming out, as she forces him to confront his responsibilities, while being a great single mom. There’s a cat for all of us!

This was the author chat but i got it off of the live warrior cat chat!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Warrior Name

Okay you know how Icepaw wanted her warrior name to be Icestorm (i think she did or it was other people who wanted it to be) i just took the thingy on on what your warrior name was and it was icestorm. I thought it was weird!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hollyleaf IS alive!!!!!!!!

This is how i know in sunrise Lionblaze had to hold Jayfeather down and LIonblaze said " There is no wayy we can follow her in!" so they couldnt follow her in so that means she could still be alive so this brings on other therories what if she kills firestar or what if her and sol get together and take over the forest or what if she rejoins the clan? there are alot of questions that need to be answered! i hope we will know them soon!!!!!!!


Last but not least people say firestar should live and most people like Stormfur and Tallstar the best so those are all of the poll results for this week hope ya enjoyed

Warrior names

Daisy: Creamfur
MIllie: Silverwing

So this is what eople think there names should be so i agree they are good names for them

Should Crow times leaf stay

Yes they should !4 votes for anything that says yes they should stay and 11 that say no so there ya go lots of people say yes they should stay

MIdnight and Purdy

I am re reading Moonrise and i was thinking what if Purdy and Midnight were guardians that Starclan Created to save the clans. Purdy is now part of thunderclan so what if that was meant to be and some how he is the guardian that will bring them through the tough times ahead. OKay i know this is a weird therory but its a though so please dont make fun of it!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daisys and Millies Warrior names

I think to be a part of a clan you need a warrior name i hope whoever the next leader is make them change their name. I think Millie should be Oceanwave and Daisy (or aka Dungdung :D) Should be Creampelt. Who agrees with me that they should have proper warrio names?

And also i think this might be one of the colored maps they were talking about outting in the books

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crowxleaf or Crowxnight?

Personally i think he is better with Leapool. They belong together. Nightcloud is okay and all but she is possesive and ungrateful. She doesnt deserve Crowfeather at ALL!!! Who agrees and who doesnt agree?


Warrior names

The winners for this poll were Rainfall and Rosefern Yay names

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spoilers Possibly

This stuff im about to write is from wiki answers It may be true so beware!

Actual tidbit from the book: As Dovepaw awoke,she shiverd it was cold and dark. The forest looked scary and dark.She heard a noise.She turnd arund and a paw coverd her mouth. She saw the cat that she had only heard about in elders tales ... Tigerstar.

Cool Right here is more

Ok good answers BUT you know hollyleaf is going to take firestar's last life in the fourth book in omens of the stars, (I still don't like dovepaw) Dovepaw is the 3rd and its easy to tell. You know Dove's wing and Jay's wing! I can't give away any more or I'll be killed, I know what happens in detail but I can't say it now.

Hmm i wonder what this person knows?

Firestar, Brambleclaw, Sol, and Leopardstar die from the beaver attack. Brambleclaw and Sol die in THE FOURTH APPRENTICE book 1. sorry. :( Omg NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not Brambleclaw :O

Im going to find more somewhere else ill possibly have more later

Kates Blog

Omg I posted a comment asking if there was going to be a nother series after Omen of the Stars and she said she didnt know so Ddont lose hope yet there could still be a chance of more warrior books after this series :D :) :P :B :b :d YAY!!!! Lol

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An Alternate Generation

Now i was on the warrior cat website and i was on the chat and someone said the fifth series will be called an Alternate Generation and the first books will be called forbidden nights. Now i dont know if this is true but i really hope it is. Mabye the Erins just started plans for it and they are figuring out names for the books. I hope these come out. =^.^=

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Reign

Okay it says this series is about lions and hollys kits. Hollyleaf your probally asking. How? What if she didnt die Hollyleaf is smart I think she could have possibly survived. But to have kits? i dont know what to think any ideas anyone?

Graystripe as Leader????

Okay I just heard this. What how can he become leadder i thought he was about to join the elders he is old. Also Brambleclaw does not succeed Firestar. But Graystripe, how, i mean he has been around since the first book. I mean he should be an elder. He isnt that much younger than Mousefur. I was just searching on line for spoilers for oots and i found this. I dont know if its true so dont make assumptions.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Im not leaving my blog i would never do that i just dont believe that someone would come on here and say that my blog sucks when it absolutly doesnt Dreamstar no i wasnt talking about you cause i know you would never do any thing like that plus your my med cat and if you thought my blogs sucked you wouldnt be a part of Iceclan you wouldnt of joined.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


if you think my blogs suck then get off of them and dont come back. i try hard to get the best info i can find and i post it because i think it is cool and you know if you have a problem with it then dont come back! Gez people!