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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Possible Spoilers for Oots2

1. Leafpool dies protecting Icecloud cause she knows how much Lionblaze loves her.
2. Onestar and Blackstar kill Firestar.
3.Squirrelflight runs away and might not return.
4. Sandstorm becomes an Elder out of depression.
5. Brackenfur or Graystripe become leader.
6. Lionblaze killed Leopardstar.
7. Brambleclaw is Crippled. :(
8. Crowfeather shows no emotion for leafpool.
Dont believe me go to and read the second comment submitted by Warriors101.
Hope you enjoyed :)!

New Book Covers

This is the new book cover for the book Battles Of the Clans on it it looks like Blackstar Tawnypelt and someone else. I do not know when this book is to come out but i will keep you updated.

This cover is the COver to the super edition SkyCLans Destiny. Again i do not know when this one come out either but i will keep updates up on both of these books.

Hope this helped!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Squirrelflight + Brambleclaw Therory

In the sneak peek we had of the Fourth Apprentice Brambleclaw sseemed to want nothing to do with Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight seemed very crushed by this. Will these to main characters ever be the same? Here is a therory i came up with:

A ThunderClan patrol were out in the woods neaar the lake Hunting. They had recently discovered that the lake was dried up because of brown creatures called beavers. Suddenly there was a yowl and the RiverClan leader and her patrol came charging at the Thunderclan Cats. Lionblaze told Dovepaw to go get help while him and brambleclaw tried to hold off the patrol. Luckily Dovepaw found Squrrielflights patrol of her Icecloud and Brackenfur and they came to help. Rainstorm the cat Thunderclan had previously saved jumped on top of squirrelflight and pinned her down ready to bite her neck. Brambleclaw saw this jumped on Rainstorm and flung him acrossed the clearing. Brambleclaw relized how much he cared for Squirrelflight fought off the intruders and they appoligized and made up.

That is my therory for squirrelflight + Brambleclaw. Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Release

Okay today is The 24th we all know what that is! Sadly im not getting the book until Christmas so someone please inform me after they get done reading it. I have posted alot because of school and im always so busy sorry ill try to keep this updated. I need to get my popularity back up. I will try to find the best stuff on the web and post it for yall. KK Also if you havent seen so already Sorrelpaw has started to post again so you might wanna check her blog for any other information. Im am going to put up the polls momentarily! :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Spoilers

First off, these are completely true. They come straight from the book.

Dovekit is, in fact, the fourth apprentice. She is the third cat in the porphecy. She received a dream from Yellowfang. Yellowfang gave her the omen: "After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come on dove's gentle wing." Dovekit's power is that she can sense things extraordinarily well. She discovered that beavers were building dams in the streams, causing a shortage of water. She did not ever see the beavers, but she knew what they looked like and what they were doing. Dovekit also knew that Berrynose got a thorn in his pad (or something like that) without even being on the same patrol. Dovekit and Ivykit became apprentices early in the book. Dovepaw's mentor is Lionblaze, and Ivypaw's mentor is Cinderheart.

Other spoilers that do not regard Dovepaw are that Leafpool became a warrior. Jayfeather is now the full medicine cat of ThunderClan. Foxpaw and Icepaw were appointed as warriors, and their names are Foxleap and Icecloud. Toadkit and Rosekit became apprentices. Toadkit's mentor was Cloudtail and Rosekit's was Squirrelflight. By the beginning of the book, they are already warriors. Their names are Toadstep and Rosepetal. Graystripe and Millie's kits also became apprentices. Briarpaw's mentor is Thornclaw. Bumblepelt is being mentored by Mousewhisker. And Hazeltail is mentor to Blossompaw. Poppyfrost is now a queen and is expecting Berrynose's kits.

Firestar also loses a life when he is attacked by a fox. I'm not sure how many lives he has left, but it's certainly not many. Barkface of WindClan finally died, leaving newly named Kestrelflight as the full medicine cat.

Due to the drought, Leopardstar threatens to attack any cat who takes fish from any side of the lake. Rainstorm, a RiverClan warrior, spots Ivypaw investigating a fish, so he lunges at her. But instead, he gets caught in a mud hole, where ThunderClan rescues him. He stays at their camp until he's better. When they take him back to RiverClan, Dovepaw comes along and somehow senses that there is a sick cat in RiverClan, and that Mistyfoot is worried.

Lionblaze and Jayfeather both suspect Dovepaw is the one, and they are correct.

Where i got this from:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Okay Dovepaw has the power to hear things that no one else can she heard the beavers also, Lionblaze is her mentor and squirrelflight and brambleclaw arent talking.