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Thursday, July 30, 2009


What if lionblazes other was fish leap here is how i came up with this.

Everyone remembers in long shadows when jayfeather went to the past and was jaywings. Dovepaw will be doves wing and i think lionblaze is fish leap they have desriptions that are very much the same.

so what do you think leave a comment on what you think please.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Beavers are coming to the clans they are going to drain the river by blocking the rivers off with dams. This is said to cause major problems for not just RiverClan but for all of the Clans because they cant find water.

THe book that was Supposed to Be Ambush

i've read in wikipedia that Firestar dies in Ambush, but Brambleclaw does NOT seceed him. I think that this is the opruntunity that hollyleaf has been waiting for. Or will Cinderheart's destiny be fulfilled by becoming the leader she, as Cinderpelt long ago, always wanted to be? Please do not take offense by this- I just want to see what other people have to say about it
This came from***_SPOILERS_FOR_AMBUSH***

Hearthertails future

I think Heather Tail and Breeze pelt are goona get into a fight and heathertail comes to lionblaze/star for comfort. Lionblaze/star is going to tell her that she can stay but cant be his mate becase ih already has a mate which is icecloud.

Worlds Greatest End of Firestar Therories

Firestar Firestar Windclan Are On Our Terriotory Again. We must Fight. Cried Icecloud One of the Newest Warriors.

Okay dont get trapped alone. ThunderClan Attack yowled Firestar

The clan hurled into battle Wind cln werent the only ones here anymore Riverclan Was Too. All the leaders were battling each other leopardstar had firestar held down. Lionblaze instantly leaps on leopardstar and kills her.

Firestar is so shocked he doesnt even hear onestar sneaking up on him.

Firestar is knocked to the ground dead and no one can do anything about it.

okay that is the theroy

Friday, July 24, 2009

Omen of the Stars

With this series i think the erins are goning to surprise us alot. Here are a few Questions.
Is Hollyleaf dead?
What Else is in store for Riverclan?
Who is Poppyfrosts mate?

Monday, July 20, 2009

ThunderClan Therories

I think wind clan will attack ThunderClan and Onestar kills Firestar. Brambleclaw steps down from being leader so StarClan Choses lionblaze to be the new leader of TunderClan. Leafpool gets training to be a warrior and then becomes a warrior of ThunderClan. Hollyleaf is alive but she is lurking in the tunnels wondering if she should return. Something happenes to WindClan and Heathertail comes to ThunderClan hoping Lionblaze/star will except her into the Clan. Sandstorm Dustpelt And Graystripe join the elders den. Purdy joins the clan.


You all might be wondering when Leopardstar will lose her last life. Well in the First book of omen of the stars Leopardstar Dies and Mistyfoot Becomes Mistystar. She chooses Reedwhisker to be deputy, mabye she will be like her mom and be a very good leader. Riverclan will also have a problem with beavers. They will block the river with their dams and cause the pond to dry up and destroy riverclans fish supply.

Foxleap And Icecloud

Icepaw Will be known as icecloud Foxpaw will be known as Foxleap. I like Icecloud Foxleap is okay but Icecloud is better.