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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Night Whispers Official Spoilers

- Flametail dies
- Ivypaw is taken prisoner by ShadowClan
- Holly Might be back! There was Yarrow outside of the camp and with it was black fur!
- StarClan don't trust each other
- Cinderheart and Lionblaze become mates and then break up

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crookedstar's Promise Cover

Soo here it is!

Found HERE

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who I Compare Warrior Characters To!

Lionblaze-Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson)

Hawkfrost- Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries

Cinderheart- Jojo (The singer!)

Hollyleaf- Jamie Lynn Spears (Brittany Spears' Sister!)

Dovepaw- Taylor Swift (The Singer!)

So there ya go! Dont ask why i imagine them as these people i just do. If you have any suggestions you would like to share feel free to share them! All ideas welcome(:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Night Wispers Spoilers

-Yellowfang might've been able to stop the battle (Shadow vs. Thunder)
- Bluestar wants the Clans to join forces
- Mudclaw went to StarClan
- Briarlight has a chest infection
- A whole bunch of cats are being trained in the Dark Forest
- Not everyone knows who really killed Ashfur
- Lionblaze wants Cinderheartto be more than a friend
- Dovepaw finds out that Ivypaw is being trained
- A mysterious dead squirrel was found outside of the camp by Molekit and Cherrykit
- Flametail POV starts at chapter 6

Browse Inside For Night Whispers!

Okay Everyone so the Browse Inside Is Out! Click HERE To read it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long Time No See!

Hello Everyone! Long time no see! Im SOOO sorry. School has kept me so very bsy but im goingto try to make time for my blog so here goes nothing!!

~Fifth OOTS Book Will Be Called- The Forgotten Warrior! (I think it will be about Hollyleaf!)
~Ivypaw will be Ivypool named after Vicky's friends daughter!
~ We will see thetribe in Sign Of The Moon!
~ Tigerstr will kill someone(Firestar is who im hoping :3 but I hope he doesnt kill Bramble!)
~ Firestars death scene has been written (Woohoo!)
~ Blackstar and Russetfur were about the same age
~ Firestar wont die in Nigh Whispers (Sad Facee)
~Ivypaw continues to be taught by Tigerstar an Hawkfrost

They need to get the Browse nsie out! Well enjoy!:D

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi y'all! I'm back! I've been busy but I good. Me and Icestar have a blog togetha:D Check it out mkay???

:::About EOTB:::
We are friendly, random, and awesome!!! Colorfully awesome, this blog is about friendship and being yourself. It is also a design blog, so feel free to order! Tons of awesome emoticons to mess with on our neon-colored c-box:) We hope you follow our blog and order and we are good friends of G+L or otherwise known to me and Icestar, Goldenstream and Lilypetal. Lily is a good friend of ours and Goldenstream is just super bright and bubbly! We have Freebies (i ♥ making them so we have plenty!!!) we will be throwing contests soon!!Spread the word about Eye of The Beholders!!!! We call it Ayame for short. That means iris in Japanese;D So visit us!! have a blast and be awesome!!!

Peace out, Stari:D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Project

Okay hey guys I need help! Im entering a National History Day contest and I need ideas! The theme is centered around Debate and Diplomacy. It can be on ANY topic. If you want to find more out please follow this link History Day PDF. Any Ideas are welcome and i will greatly appreciate the help!


Sunday, October 10, 2010


The deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan is over, but the aftermath still echoes around all four Clans. As Dovepaw grapples with the knowledge that there are realms—and cats—her senses cannot reach, Jayfeather and Lionblaze are determined to figure out how StarClan could have allowed this fight to happen. Jayfeather soon finds the answer in the darkest of places, and he and Lionblaze prepare to do whatever they can to staunch the flow of evil into ThunderClan.

The ties that bind the Clans are slowly breaking in the face of the greatest threat that the warriors—and the warrior code—have ever known. As leaf-bare closes its grip upon the territories, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw realize just how close the battle is, and how far they are from being able to succeed. And before the prey can run again, one more cat will be lost to the fight.
Info Found HERE
So The Three are loosing the battle. When it says one more cat will be lost i believe this is either Firestar or Tigerheart. Ideas Anyone?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crookedstar's Promise

The title was comfirmed as Crookedstr's Promise on Kates blog. This is suposed to be based on why Crookedstar allowed the forbidden love between RiverClan and ThunderClan.

Crookedstar was in love with Bluestar so he felt that if he punished other cats for falling in lve with a ThunderClan cat he would have to punish him self.

-Willowbreeze was Crookedstars mate and Silverstreams mother
-Mapleshade is a cruel tortise shell she cat that is motivated by revenge
-RiverClan point of veiw (kinda obviousXD)

Not So Sure On
-Shellheart or Lilystem? Which will Become the mother of Crookedstar and Oakheart?

Stuff We Will Find Out
-Other reasons why Thistleclaw went to the dark forest
-What happened to Graypools real kit

Friday, September 17, 2010


Warning The short story is semi violent
Name- Flarekit
Description- Ginger tabby tom with green eyes.
Mother- Lilystem
Father- Puddlestorm
Short Story
Flarekit padded out of the nursery. He had come up with a plan on how to get out of the camp. He padded around to the back of the apprentices den where there was a secret opening. He squeezed through and he was into the forest. It was huge! He saw a hill with a tall tree on it ahead of him. He started to wallk in that direction. Flarekit climbed to the top and sat down above him the sky was clear. The only tree in this area was the really tall oak. Thre was a screech and Flarekit looked up. There in the sky was a huge eagle. It was diving towards him. There was a painful stab in his side as the eagle grabbed him. There wasa furocious yowl as Moonfire, the Iceclan deputy, tried to jump up into the air and attack the bird. It was to late..
(Sorry for the violence)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Wildstorm(Q): To all: If the Clan ever learned about Cinderhearts reincarnation, how do you think they, along with the other Clans, would react?
CherithBaldry(A): I think they'd be pleased, if a bit weirded out. The cats who knew Cinderpelt would welcome her back with open paws!
KateCary(A): I think some cats would be pleased that she got another chance, some would be grumpy, just becuse they're grumpy about most things (mentioning no names, Crowfeather), and some would be very happy to think there are second chances.

Streamflow(Q): 1.I'm a little confused about the fallen tree. Did the trunk fall into camp, or just the branches? I'm just wondering because if it was only the branches, the cats could clear the wrekage pretty easily , but not if it was the trunk. I'm just hoping you could clear this up for me.
CherithBaldry(A): All of it. It was a massive disaster, and it's changed the camp permanently.

Rockstar(Q): To all: Why are Shredtail and Snowtuft training with Dark Forest cats? As far as I can remember, they don't have any reason to hate Firestar, or the Three.
KateCary(A): They don't realise they're being trained to destory Firestar - they think they're helping their Clans by becoming better warriors

Silverleaf Ocp(Q): To Vicky: In fading echoes, Yellowfang says Firestar has lost 5 of his lives, but when you go back and count them all, he's lost more. Was that a mistake, or does he really have 5 lives left??
VickyHolmes(A): He definitely has less than five! I do have the exact number written down to remind me, and Kate and Cherith know, but alas I cannot recall the figure right now. I THINK it’s TWO.

Minou(Q): Vicky: How is Rock able to show up in random places (such as the mountains) and be omniscient when he isn't dead? (In fact, how is he not dead? He must be at least 60 years old!)
VickyHolmes(A): Oh, he’s dead all right. But he transcends StarClan, and the Dark Forest, and anywhere else that dead cats are contained, so he can pop up literally anywhere. We’ll find out more about Rock in the second half of OTS, don’t worry. He’s a VERY special cat.

Iceclaw(Q): To all: If Hollyleaf wanted to stop the secret from getting out by killing Ashfur, why the heck did she spill it!? What was she hoping to gain from it?
VickyHolmes(A): Poor Hollyleaf! She killed Ashfur – and realized that nothing had changed. She was still the result of an illicit relationship between a medicine cat and a WindClan cat. Her true parents had lied and cheated all their lives (as she saw it) and never been punished. The warrior code had been defied in every way, yet these cats were living normal lives! She believed that the only way to get justice was to reveal the truth in the most public place – a Gathering. By this time, she had lost all her faith in the warrior code, so she didn’t care about the repercussions.

Rosesong(Q): To Vicky: Why did Allegiances of the Clans get cancelled?
VickyHolmes(A): I don’t know exactly, but it could be because we covered so much material in the other Special Editions, so HarperCollins didn’t feel there was enough extra material to fill an entire book.

JJK8 *AKA* Firey(Q): To all: If you could make and "end of the world situation" in the books what would it be like and how far in the future would you picture it
KateCary(A): Have you read Comet in Moominland? Fab book and a comet heading for earth would be a great plotline for the Clans to deal with!

Snuff73(Q): To Vicky: *Crosses fingers* Is hollyleaf still alive?
VickyHolmes(A): I admire your hopefulness, but I’m still not going to tell you, sorry!

Sunbeam(Q): To all: Who was MistyStar's mate and who were her kits (the ones that Firestar(then paw) saved on Sunningrocks)?
VickyHolmes(A):I think I did figure this out, but I’m open to suggestions! Reedwhisker was one of her kits – so yes, she’s made her own son her deputy! Ooh, controversial...

Rowanoak23(Q): Did Boulder (ex-rogue turned loyal ShadowClan cat) go to StarClan when he died? Will cats like Cloudtail, Mothwing, Daisy, or Sasha who don't believe in StarClan go there when they die?
VickyHolmes(A): This question has been asked many times, and I always say that if a cat doesn’t believe in StarClan, can they really pop up there after they have died? I’d like to say no, if I was being really strict, but it actually breaks my heart to think that Mothwing, for example, won’t live on with a chance to dispense her wisdom to generations of RiverClan medicine cats. So I might relent on this issue!

Sandstar1051.(Q): To All: What are Molekit's and Cherrykit's warrior names and who are theyre mentors?
KateCary(A): Molebutt and Cherrycola. Kidding. I don't know yet.

*CherithBaldry: I liked Hollyleaf and I sort of still do. She had pressure that she couldn;t cope with.*


Monday, September 6, 2010

Moonstars Nine Lives

Moonfire padded through the dark forest. She had to go to the Moon River to recieve her nine lives IceClan needs me now more than ever. She thought. Behind her padded IceClans medicine cat, Embertail.
"Moonfire, we are almost there" Embertail whispered.
Moonfire pointed her ears to where she could here a river gently flowing through the forest "If only Blazestar were here.." Moonfire sighed
Embertail look over at her and spoke quietly, "Moonfire I know your secret. He loved you and trust me, Laurelpaw will one day find the truth and she wont be angry," Her meow was soft and her eyes were full ofunderstanding
"How did you know?!" Monfire gasped in shock
"Moonfire im a medicine cat!" She giggled "I have my ways, but we are ere now. Its time for the ceremony to begin"
Moonstar padded forward and took a small lap of the water, which tasted of frosty stars, she quickly fell asleep. When she awoke she was in the middle of a grassy clearing surrounded by tall trees. Starry shapes came down and foormed into cats. Thousands of them were gathered around her.
"Welcome Moonfire" Moonfire looked up to see a beautiful white she cat with eerie blue eyes.
"Snowdrift" Moonfire dipped her head to the former deputy who had died of Green cough a few seasons ago.

"I strip you of your old life so you may start over with your new one" Snowdrift meowed. "With this life I give you strengh so that you may fight off the challenges you may face" Snowdrift rested her muzzle on Moonfires head and a jolt of pain shot through her. She could feel her breathing getting shallower and she felt as if she couldnt breathe another. Suddenly the pain began to fade and she could breathe again

A light brown tabby tom was padding forward. "Fawngaze!" Moonfire purred happily but he kept on going with the ceremony
"With this life I give you Compassion" Fawngaze meowed he gently sat his head on hers. A jolt of excitement ran through her and it faded into a gentle wamness. "Congradulations" Fawngaze purred before he walked away.

This time, Firepool the old IceClan medicine cat, came forward. "With this life I give you Wisdom. Use it to make the right choices" He put his head on hers and she could feel all of his wisdom rush into her. He nodded and went back to join the Starry ranks of his Clan members.

A pretty silver tabby came forward known as Willowmoon "Mother!" Moonfire purred her fluffy tail curling up. Willowmoon touched her muzzle to her daughters head and said "With this life I give you Speed. Use it to run from and face those who are a danger to your Clan." Moonfire felt a jolt of energ go through her. She thought she could run the whole world and never get tired. "Be strong little one" Her mother whispered and licked her ear.

A little Golden tom stepped out of the ranks and wobbled forward "Flarekit.. Im so sorry I couldnt save you I tried my best!" The kit had gotten verly curious one day and had walked out of camp. He couldnt out run the eagle that got him and Moonfire coulnt jump high enough to save him. "I dont blame you Moonfire. My curiosity killed me in the nd, but curiosity isnt always a bad thing. It leads to great discoveries" He meowed wisely. He stood on his back legs and touched her muzzle "With this life I give you Curiosity. Use it to discover new things to help the Clan" A jolt of intrest shot through Moonfire. Flarekit went back and joined his Starry ancestors.

Foxtail stepped out next "With this life I give you Loyalty to what is right" He touched his head to hers and she felt a jolt of pain.. the pain of being torn between two things. "Im proud of you little sister" He whispered before joining Willowmoon.

A pretty long legged Golden she cat came forward. "With this life i give you Intelligence. Think before you act" She saw images flash by of leaders thinking hard and long over a descision that would affect the whole Clan. "Thanks Goldenflare" She meowed. The Golden she at nodded and padded away

Moonfire looked around to see who was next and saw her young sister, Flowerpaw, bounding her way. "With this life I give you Justice. Use it to judge those you may not know fairly" A bolt of pain went through her body as she fet unfair descisions being made against her. "I miss you Flowerpaw" Moonfire said. "I miss you too" Flowerpaw said before going to sit beside Willowmoon and Foxtail.

A big golden tom with blak spots emerged fromthe starry group "Blazestar!" She finally got to see her long lost love. He nodded and sat his head on hers. "With this life I give it love. Share it equally among your Clan mates" Expecting this lfe to be pleasant, she wasnt ready for the jolt of energy that came from it. She felt the feirceness that a mothe would have to protect her kits and the feirceness of how much two cats could love each other. It all settled into a warm tingly feeling. "Our kit will grow up to be a very worthy warrior. One day when she is ready for the truth she will know her mother really is" Blazestar licked her head

"Your old life is no more! Your new name will be Moonstar, leader of IceClan! Defend your Clan well for they depend on you" Blazestar yowled to the cats in the clearing. Power echoing all around

"Moonstar! Moonstar! Moonstar!" They Starry figured jumped to their paws and all of their yowls combined into one powerful yowl, full of joy and goodness. "We wih you well." It sounded as if millions of voices had suddenly become one. They started to disappear and Moonstar woke up.

"Welcome Moonstar" Embertails friendly meow greeted her as she awoke

(Hope you like it! Moonfires original name was Moonpool but umm yeah lol)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Spoilers For Night Whispers and Sign of the Moon (Edited and Added!)

Umm Yeah Ive Done Some Exploring And Found This Stuff..: (Contains Night Whispers and Sign Of the Moon)

-Ivypaw will be Ivypool, Named after Leafpool [NW]
-Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight Will have a lot of Issues. [NW]
-Lionblazes Mate was hinted in Fading Echoes *cough* Cinderheart *cough* [NW]
-Flametail will Have a point of view [NW]
-Jayfeather is attacked by Breezepelt again [NW]
-In Siign Of The Moon Brook will have kits [SOTM]
-The Point of veiw in Sign Of The Moon will be back and forth between the tribe and ThunderClan [SOTM]
-Brambleclaw WONT become Bramblestar *Confirmedd*
-(THEORY) Brambleclaw becomes blind after an attack
-Sign of the Moons release date is.... Apirl 5, 2011 [SOTM]
-The Title of the fifth OOTS book is "The Forgotten Warrior"
-Mapleshade: Big Tortiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes
-Mapleshade is supposedbly cold creula nd motivated by revenge
-There will be a SkyClan manga
-We wil learn more about Sol (Maybe in Mangas)
-Hawkheart from BP is in the Darkforest
-Cinderheart finds out about her past life
-The Darkforest cats dont know they are being trained to fight against StarClan
-Briarlight will live for a little longer
-We will being seeing more of Rock
-(An Answer from the transcript! Vicky answering)
She figured it out before she died, even before she made her declaration at the Gathering. I’m not sure that Lion and Jay knew that she didn’t have a power until Dovepaw came along and was obviously one of the Three. Great question, you’ve clearly studied Hollyleaf’s life very closely!
-Leafpool is still in love with Crowfeather
-Jayfeather and Lionblaze possibly forgive Squirrelflight
-Hollyleaf ISN'T evil, just misguided
-Firestar has 2 lives left (UGHH XD)
-Firestar DOES die in OOTS (Partayy)
-An Albino cat may be added
*This is just a side note. On Kates account on the Warrior Cat Forums ( I know its her because it has offical Erin Hunter) her avatar is Hollyleaf. Hmmmm*

Sadly Vicky pretty much said that Hollyleaf is dead... But im still not going for it;)

-Book 5, The Forgotten Warrior (OOTS) People believe that this book is about Hollyleaf. All question will be answered in this book
-SkyClans blood runs in ThunderClan. Just look at Rosepetal and Spiderleg.
-Graystripe dies?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Flickerclaws Award Options

Okay so i am going to make you an award button but you also get something else! Choose from these options:

-Background For a Blog
-Blog Button
-Book Cover
-Advertisement on Every post
-A Signature (See IceClan to see what that is)
-Blog Review
-Admin of Icestars

You can Choose either of those options:) Thanks for participating in the contest!

Sunday, August 29, 2010



But only one was the best! And that was Flickerclaw! With the caption:

"Does this color go good with my eyes?"

Icestar and I will figure out an award for you! Congratulations!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

No New Info, but Special Prizes In our Future XD

I'm attempting to find more spoilers for our followers, but I can't find any! I'll keep looking! Anyway, we have a contest!!!!!! An example of a caption is on the bottom of the picture! Who ever has the best caption after 3 days wins a special prize from me and Icestar, so give us your best captions for what this cat is thinking! :3 Thank you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Follower Award

If You Follow This Blog, You Can Take This Button And Put It On Your Blog!:D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Unexpected Leader Of ThunderClan

The Erins have said that Firestar will die in OOTS, but that Brambleclaw will not become Bramblestar. They said someone unexpected will become leader. Who is this mysterious unexpected cat? Brackenfur? Cinderheart? Dustpelt? Or someone not even in ThunderClan? Me and Icestar are digging for answers and we will let you know when either of us have found even the slightest possible hint. For now, let's just prey they release something XD!
Who do you think will be the next leader of ThunderClan?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More On Night Whispers

Here's two descriptions I found: “The deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan is finally over. Now the three cats who are prophesied to hold the power of the stars in their paws—Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw—are more determined than ever to stop the flow of evil into ThunderClan. But they will soon discover that this evil comes from places even StarClan can’t reach…”

So what this is saying is that yes there is defiantly evil in ThunderClan and it needs to be stopped (Ivypaw) and there is an evil place, a different one, that StarClan cant get too.

"Jayfeather and Lionblaze are convinced that the deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan should not have happened, and they are more determined to uncover the real reason that StarClan led them astray. Meanwhile, Dovepaw must face a startling fact and realizes that evil is sometimes no more than a whisper's length away. As tensions between the four Clans grow, one cat will make a stand for what is right- but at what price?"

Dovepaw realizes that Ivypaw is the evil one (Hence whispers length away) an then there is Tigerheart her "Friend" who is also bad. Mabye when it says one cat will make a stand for what is right- but at one price, It could be talking about Tigerheart standing up against the evil of Firestar dies saving someone.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Okay i have returned from PA but here is the dealio. School starts back on Monday. Some days i might not be able to get on it depends on the amount of homework. It is my first year of High School so i am boundto have a lot. I WONT be quitting any of my blogs they will ALL still be open and taken care of.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi everyone. I will be going to Pennslyvania for a few days so I might not be able to get on and Pot new stuff.
See ya in A few days!:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

So Much New Stuff!

OKay so by Now you should know about Sign Of the Moons! I found some interesting stuff About it! For all of you that dont know what it is, it is the 4th book in the Omen Of The Stars Series.
Release Date:
April 5th 2011
The Blurb:
Jayfeather recieves a desperate plea from an ancient mountain tribe that is struggling to survive. With the summons comes an ominous warning - an omen that suggests a perilous fate awaits the Clans.
So we know this is in the Clans and Jayfeather find out about some ominous warning for a disasterous end for the Clans! My mind is running riht now. I will sort my thoughts out and get back to ya with theories fr this one;)


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HUGE SPOILERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brambleclaw will still have a lot of issues with Squirrelflight in Night Whispers

Dovepaw & Ivypaw's names will be Doveflight & Ivypool. They would be named after Leafpool and Squirrelflight

In "The Sign of the Moon", Brook will have Stormfur's kits

We might find out more about Brightspirit in "The Sign of the Moon"

Jayfeather will go back in time again to the early tribe again! (More Half-Moon!!!)

(I found this on a different Warriors site) Russetfur died because Lionblaze suffocated her when he sat on her. She was old and kind of weak, so she probably shouldn't have been in the battle.

Thornclaw's mate is revealed in Night Whispers. It is most likely Hazelcloud!!

We finally figure out where Ashfur went!

We will find out if Hollyleaf is alive in book Five in OOTS!

The cat on the cover of Night Whispers is Flametail. *

The cat on the cover of Sign of the Moon is supposed to be Stoneteller, Mapleshade, or one of the ancient cats.

The two smaller cats on "The Sign of the Moon" cover is probably Stormfur and Brook

The next super edition is called Crookedstar's Promise or Crookedstar's Secret. It's most likely going to be called Crookedstar's Promise

Brambleclaw will not become Bramblestar, but it's been confirmed


SIGN OF THE MOON IS RELEASED APRIL 5, 2011 *silent sobs*



Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, the chat is over! I have collected a good amount of spoilers, and have some EXCLUSIVE information at the end of the list!


~Squirrelflight is unable to have kits
~Rosepetal and Foxleap will NOT become mates
~Cinderheart will discover her former identity
~There will NOT be a HawkxIvy Pairing
~Mapleshade is a fat, big she
-cat tortioseshell she
-cat, she is cold, cruel, and motivated by revenge.
~The title of the Crookedstar Super Edition is changed to Crookedstar's Promise
~Ivypaw can be evil, even though she is named after someone very sweet
~There will be kits in The Sign of the Moon- but their parents will be unexpected~Brairlight will live for some more time
~Heathertail no longer loves Lionblaze
~Ivypaw plays a central role in the second half of Oots
~Dovepaw will mature
~It is confirmed that Firestar will die
~Crowfeather's father is Deadfoot
~Hawkheart(the cat that murdered Moonflower in Bluestar's Prophecy)went to the Dark Forest
~Dovepaw and Ivypaw will get their names in The Sign of the Moon

NOW! For some EXCLUSIVE and shocking information:

The title of the FIFTH book of Oots will be... The Forgotten Warrior!This is more shocking. This is really shocking.

This is really, really, really shocking. (Q) Does Tigerheart like Ivypaw or Dovepaw... or both? If both, which does he love more?Vicky(A): Dovepaw is his fave.You think: Uh... That isn't shocking... It's obvious. Well... That's not was I was talking about. Kate answered that question VERY differently.Kate(A): Eww! I hope not! He's nasty! I don't think that he even thinks of them as individuals, just a means to his wicked, wicked ends.

I was shocked. Really, really, really- you get the point- shocked that Kate would speak of Tigerheart like this. I think she forgot that we don't know as much as she does. Vicky, apparently, revealed nothing about this. Was Kate mistaken? I'm not sure! I think we'll have to wait till Night Whispers to get more info on this! I hope you enjoyed this little spoiler post.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Okay so I have had a few people ask me to draw them book covers. I can also make headers
(Copy and Paste these forms to order)

What: Book Cover
Book Name:
(Book Name: Midnight-Book Series: New prophecy)


Here are some Examples:


Here ya go Star! Tell me if you want anything else changed

Stars Fanfic Cover

This took me ten forevers to makes. I had about ten layers of different things to do T_T. This is Stargaze's Cover to her fanfiction she has been writing. Enjoy!:)

New Egg Thing

So I was on G&L and they had a little Pokemon egg and I thought it was cute so I got one!If you click it enough it will eventually hatch into a mystery Pokemon:) I know what it is but im not telling! Click it to find out!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So Night Whispers is the book that almost every Warrior fan is looking forward too. So why not have a few ideas?

1. Jayfeather somehow convinces Leafpool to become a medicine cat.

This could be possible because in Fading Echoes Jayfeather wanted Leafpool there because he still needed her training, she still knew things that he didn't. In others ways it isn't possible. I don't think the Clan would agree to let her back into the position and she doesn't seem to want it very much.

2. Squirrelfight and Brambleclaw will get back together.

When they had quarrels there was always a battle where they needed each other and they ended up back together. Maybe this battle between ShadowClan made them come back together. Maybe Brambleclaw realizes that she only did what she did to protect her sister and that she didnt want to hurt him with the truth. They have been apart for awhile so I dont know, it might not happen.

3. Firestar dies! Killed By Tigerstar
In the battle between the Dark Forest and StarClan (If this happens in this book) Tigerstar finally gets what he wants and kills Firestar. I mean this is very possible especially when Firestar is as old as he is. He should be an elder by now and so should Graystripe Sandstorm and Dustpelt.

4. Ivypaw and Dovepaw have to fight each other

Well if Ivypaw is being trained by the Dark Forest and gains the dark ambition of Tigerstar to kill whoever needs to be killed to get what she wants, then yeah she will have to fight Dovepaw. Dovepaw might not fight at first but eventually she will have to, to defend herself.

Okay thats all for now. ^_^ Enjoy the therories!

Monday, August 9, 2010



Sunday, August 8, 2010


So i just got it today :D and i havent read anything but the acknowledgements. WARNING-THEY ARE VERY WEIRD!! (Well some but Billystorm? Didnt expect that coming O.o)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

SkyClan's Destiny Spoliers

Okay before i start, I highly recommend this book. I think it was amazing!
(462 pages and i finished it in a dayXD)


So in SkyClan's Destiny Leafstar learns that she has to create deeper 'roots'. This means that she has to change the warrior code some to fit SkyClan because after all SkyClan is completely different from the other Clans. They face rogues and Kittypets not other Clan cats.

SkyClan has these cats called Daytime Warriors. They come to the camp during the day and go on Patrols and they train normally but at night they go and sleep with their twolegs.

There is this one cat named Billystorm (He is a day time warrior that is why half of his name is Billy) At the end of the book it leaves you at a hanging point T_T. Him and Leafstar grew really close and in the end it talks about how Leafstar wants him to be his mate and that he loved her. The Erins definitely should plan a sequel for this books. It would e interesting to know what happens between Billystorm and Leafstar.
Does he stay in the Clan permanately and take on a real warrior name? Do him and Leafstar have kits? If they do have kits it I think the kits should be called Firekit(After Firestar) Sandkit(After Sandstorm) And Stormkit(After Billystorm)

Leafstar looses a life to a cat named Misha. She is from a twoleg place and a cat named Dodge is her 'leader'. There are other cats such as Onion, Nutmeg, Harley and Red that are with Dodge.
4 cats came into the gorge (Stick, Coal, Cora and Shorty) They stay with the clan for a while and get to know their ways. One night Leafstar catches Sharpclaw and Stick training cats in the Twoleg Place. After she discover this Stik tells her why they really came. They came for help. Dodge and hi cats were taking everything from them. Leafstar sends a patrol of SkyClan cats to go and help she goes along with them and ends up losing a life.

Early in the book more rats were discovered. Withe the help of the 4 new comers SkyClan defeated the rats.

Leafstar learns the secret to why Shrewtooth is so scared. Remember the Twoleg who had Petalnose and her kits locked up? It turns out that he also had Shrewtooth but he managed to escape. The SkyClan cats send a patrol to frighten the twoleg so he wont harm anymore cats.

I really enjoyed this book and I really do hope they continue it. Sadly there is nothing about Night Whispers in it (Grrr).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Warrior Names

Ever have issues creating Warrior cat names? Well here is a great place to come to find ones you like!
Acorn, Amber, Apple, Apricot, Ash, Bee, Black, Blue, Bramble, Breeze, Bumble, Buzzard, Cardinal, Cheetah, Cherry, Cinder, Claw, Cloud, Creek, Crow, Dark, Deer, Dotted, Dove, Dust, Eagle, Ebony, Echo, Ember, Endless, Falcon, Fawn, Faith, Falling, Fire, Fern, Flame, Flow, Frost, Frozen, Gaze, Gray, Horse, Ice, Ivy, Jay, Leaf, Lion, Mint, Misty, Moon, Moss, Mouse, Nettle, Night, Oak, Ocean, Orchid, Patch, Peach, Pebble, Petal, Pine, Plum, Pumpkin, Rain, Raven, Red, Ripple, River, Rock, Running, Rush, Sage, Sand, Shade, Shadow, Silver, Sorrel, Spider, Spotted, Snow, Squirrel, Storm, Stream, Tall, Talon, Tangle, Tiger, Thunder, Toad, Willow, Wind, Wild, Wish

Bird, Breeze, Claw, Cloud, Eye, Eyes, Fang, Feather, Feet, Fern, Fire, Flame, Flight, Flower, Foot, Frost, Fur, Gaze, Head, Heart, Leaf, Leap, Lily, Mist, Moon, Nose, Pelt, Pool, Poppy, Rain, Ripple, Rush, Shadow, Shade, Song, Spirit, Splash, Spots, Step, Storm, Stream, Stripe, Tail, Tooth, Watcher, Whisker, Willow, Wind, Wing, Wish

Please Don't Use:
Dream or Mark.
These are unique to the people who came up with it and they cherish the names.

If you want to add anymore name parts please comment
(I Will Add More Tomorrow)

Premade Names: (Fell free to use them or add more)

5th Series?

Okay so On Kate's Blog there is a post saying that Haper Collins(The book publisher) wants a fifth book series! It is going to go back in time not back in Bluestars time but possibly all the way back to the very beginning! This is all that is know because kate isnt releasing any more information then that. I really cant wait for this (Even though it might be a few years T_T)

Poll Results!

1.What should Ivypaws warrior name be?
Ivyglow 6 (17%)
Ivypool 11 (32%)*WINNER*
Ivyshadow 7 (20%)
Ivyheart 10 (29%)

2.What Should Dovepaws warrior name be?
Dovewing 13 (38%) *Tie*
Dovesong 13 (38%) *Tie*
Dovefeather 3 (8%)
Doveheart 5 (14%)

3.Do You think Firestar should die in Night Whispers?
Yes! 9 (30%) *WINNER*
He needs to go! 7 (23%)
NO! 6 (20%)
No he is a good leader! 8 (26%)

Over All
1. Ivypool
2. Dovewing, Dovesong (Tie)
3. Yes!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Great Blog

Okay so a lot of you probably know Scarheart. If you dont you should really check out her blog!

Her Blog

Monday, August 2, 2010

So Yeah Here

Okay so I dont think I have made one of these here. This is an award for if you follow this blog. Take it if you want:)


To get these you might have to save them because it wont let me get the link. Just an FYI:)

Icestar's Trend=Not Real!!! Lolz

Hi im a new admin! Im Stargaze. Yes I know some of you know me for bad reasons, but..........everything is kewl! I admit I'm not the best person and Im'm fine with that and you're opinions. I made the header for this blog and i helped remodel it for Icestar. Hope you like it!!! :)

Now! Icestar's supposed trend is not true! Why? Read...

It all started in BP...........when Thistleclaw was born and you saw his hunger for power as deputy and then later to be leader of ThunderClan. But who was his mentor??? The most battle hungry cat in ThunderClan at the time who believed fighting was alwasys the answer: Adderfang. A mottled brown tom with yellow eyes. HE was Thistleclaw's mentor and made Thistleclaw so hot headed and powere for hungry. But Adderfang only thought what was best for his Clan, even if it was not always the best way.......He taught Thistleclaw his ways: be loyal and fight at any cost. But Thistleclaw took it the wrong way. He thought fight meant to spill blood to prove your loyalty, bt its in the warrior code a warrior doesnt have to kill o prove they are loyal. Tigerclaw was Thistleclaw's apprentice and Thistleclaws taught him his ways. And Tigerclaw became as battle hungry and crazy......deep down im shure Tigerclaw wanted what was best for his Clan......unfortunatly.........he thought HE was best for ThunderClan and that blinded him. So if your all wondering why Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw are evil........................


Friday, July 30, 2010

I Found A Trend

Thisleclaw, Tigerclaw, Brambleclaw. Whats up with that? Thistleclaw trained Tigerclaw and Tigerclaw is Brambleclaws father. Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw were evil. Do you think this could mean that brambleclaw was evil? I mean it could throw an interesting twist to the plot, but Brambleclaw being evil? I just cant see that happening. I mean yeah at one time he was under the influence of Tigerstar but now he isnt. Maybe the evil part couldve been from when Tigerstar was influencing him. Tell me what you think!

New Design

Okay so you guys may have noticed the new design. Thanks to Starry my blog now snows:) She also made the awesome header. I have a blog button being created so i hope everyone likes the new design with the theme of snow and Ice to go along with Icestar.

Todays Picture

I drew this on My paint Program. Hope ya like it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Okay so i was on the forums at the Warriors site and this one person said there will be an evil cat named Mapleshade and that Vicki said this on her Facebook? Does anyone know anything about this?

The following paragraph in Italics was found on Warriors Wikia CLICK HERE

It was revealed on Vicky's facebook page that an evil she-cat by the name of Mapleshade would appear in Night Whispers.[2]
It was also revealed that we would find out more about her in Crookedstar's Promise, making her a member of The Place of No Stars.[3]

Mabye this Mapleshade character is one of the cats training the new Dark Forest Warriors. Also on the page where I found the name Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, Dovepaw, Jayfeather and Lionblaze were also there. These are the characters that are going to be in the book for sure im guessing CLICK HERE

This is the Blurb:
Jayfeather and Lionblaze are convinced that the deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan should not have happened, and they are more determined to uncover the real reason that StarClan led them astray. Meanwhile, Dovepaw must face a startling fact and realizes that evil is sometimes no more than a whisper's length away. As tensions between the four Clans grow, one cat will make a stand for what is right- but at what price?

This is A new Thing im going to do. On every post there will be a picture that i found online or that I drew.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Clans and Important Message


These Clans are both well developed and people come on everyday. They just need more members. RainClan is my Clan and LightningClan is my friend Starry's Clan. Please join.

Important Message
Does anyone even come on here anymore? On my last few posts there werent any comments at all. I was just wondering.

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BeeClan Header

Here ya go Alado! You dont have to use it if you dont want to lol:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

SkyClans Destiny Spoilers

The Browse-Inside for this book was just recently released. I have read it and I think this is going to be really interesting!
Leafstar could be a bit more strict in the way she gives orders but she is compassionate and caring. She is an excellent leader.
Near the end of chapter 5 the loners that helped Firestar and Sandstorm when they got sperated show up (Stick Cora Coal and Shorty). They are interested in Clan life and were wondering if Leafstar could show them a few things.
Coal goes with Echosong to the medicine cat den because he is interested in learning about herbs.
Leafstar and Echosong dreamed the same dream where they heard Spiderstar and Brackenheart talking. They say that SkyClan has to find "Deeper roots" if it is to survive.
There is a lot of arguing throughout the Clan on how soe cats thing they have ancestors from SkyClan. These cats who think this tant the others. Sagepaw dislocated his leg by falling off of a cliff because of this. Leafstar soon sorts this problem out and everyone is working together as a clan again.
There are som cats who are daylight-warriors meaning that they are warriors by day and kittypets at night.

Browse Inside SkyClans Destiny To read inside of SkyClans Destiny click that link!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Warrior Stuff and Night Whispers Theroies

Okay so the Erins are starting the Crookedstar Super Edition timeline and getting together parts for the actual story. Its been said that this takes place sometime around when Bluestars prophecy takes place. Personally i love the super editions like this that go back to the older cats.

Also if you want to see the cover for Sign of the Moon visit:
The release date for this is 4/5/11 (Info from the link above)

Therories for Night Whispers
1. Cinderheart and Lionblaze become mates. I think this is very possible because in Fading Echoes they were growing close. Lionblaze even thought "There is nothing wrong with being with Cinderheart she is all ThunderClan" (Not exact words but a paraphase)

2.Hollyleaf returns. There have been signs that she is still alive, like when Jayfeather smells the scent that is familiar to him but unfamiliar to him at the same time. He discovers this in the area where Tigerheart was. Hmm if you ask me it sounds like Hollyleaf and Tigerheart may be meeting. Also Jayfeather felt as if he were being watched

3.ShadowClan holds ThunderClan responsible for the death of Russetfur. Though this IS true it isnt really Lionblaze's fault that she died, i mean she was too old and should've been an elder. This could lead to more battles between the two rival Clans and right now where the Dark Forest is preparing to attack that isnt a good thing.

4.While i was writing #3 i though this: What if Tigerstar trains all of the ShadowClan cats to be on their side. Mabye this is why Flametail is a main character? I mean its very possible. If a whole Clan is being trained to be evil we would need a good cat a medicine cat like Flametail to be there. Also Tawnypelt Dawnpelt and Flametail might go to ThunderClan im not sure aout Tigerheart though.

5.Jayfeather has to find another way to communicate with Rock. Its possible that he could stumble over another hole and have it lead to the nder water river. Rock could give Jayfeather a lot of information, possibly more than StarClan could give him for that matter.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Background!

Okay so I learned how to use my own picture off the internet with the help of
Wake Designs! Hope you like it. If you have any ideas for a different picture please let me know!

Url for Wake Designs:

You should check it out its really cool:)

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Happy Independance Day!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and has a fabuously awesome day. Remember the true meaning of today and remeber those who died for the Great country America:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Noticed Something!

Okay I just got Battles of the Clans and it said Rainwhisker was killed in the badger battle but in The Sight it says he dies by a falling branch!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Blog

I made an advertising blog! If you woul like to have your blog advertised there please visit : . Thank you.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun Facts!

*In "Into The Wild" there is an Ashfur in the ShadowClan elders (ShadowClan)
*In the first series some cats had multiple mates and then this stopped. The Erins have said that it is bad role modeling for us.
*Crowfeathers eyes like to change color (WindClan)
*Mistystars son is Reedwhisker and he is deputy (RiverClan)
*Rowanclaw is ShadowClans deputy (ShadowClan)
*Heavystep never dies (RiverClan)
*Tawnypelts original color was a tan color. (ShadowClan, ThunderClan)
*Stormfur was in love with Squirrelflight. (ThunderClan, RiverClan)
*Nightstar never recieved his 9 lives (ShadowClan)
*Onewhisker and Firestar used to be best friends (ThunderClan, WindClan)
*Firestar has 3 lives left as of Fading Echoes. (ThunderClan)
*Hollyleaf is stil alive and possibly meeting Tigerheart (ThunderClan,ShadowClan)
*Dovepaw could be in love with Tigerheart (ThunderClan, ShadowClan)
*Ivypaw is being trained by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost (ThunderClan, Dark Forest)
*Russetfur is dead (ShadowClan)
*Lionblaze is possibly in love with Cinderheart (ThunderClan)
* A WindClan cat named Mothflight discovered the moonstone and became the first medicine cat in the Clans. (WindClan)
Hope you enjoyed those facts!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Contest Winners

The Winners are:




This Is the Award!
All of the stories were really good but i think these three were the most creative. Thanks for your participation!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Okay so heres what ya gotta do :)
*Write a short story on Firestars death scene and what you think is going to happen.
*Im going to pick the most creative ones as the winner. There will be three winners.
*Remember have fun and enjoy
*Ends 5-11-10

1. Dont steal other peoples ideas
2. No foul languages
3. Be nice. Dont judge what others say

Advertising Page

Okay so like if you have a blog about warriors or just any blog at all and you wat to advertise comment a description and a url on to have your blog advertised!

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SkyClans Official Symbol

OKay so I was doing some researching and searching and i found the official Symbol for SkyClan

Thats it! Tell Me what you think!

Or it is this one. These are the two people are arguing over and what i have found mostly on other websites. Personally I think both of them are great lol

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hollyleaf IS Alive

Pg .28 Of Fading Echoes
"If they hadnt hidden the truth, conspiring like vixens,his sister, Hollyleaf, might have never DISAPPEARED behind the mudslide that blocked the tunnels."
Okay I think that is proof enough of that matter. But there is more!
As Jayfeather sniffed his fading scent, another touched his nose. It seemed oddly familiar as it wreathed around him but he couldnt place it. The fur on his shoulders prickled, Stiffening, Jayfeather felt himself being watched. He spun around, tasting the air, ears pricked, frustrated by his blindness. Was a cat observing him from the shadows? No sound. No scent, other than those Tigerheart had left.*** Who'd be watching me at this time of night?
Okay so now you all tell me what you think. Oh And thanks Stargaze =^.^=

Interesting Question

How is Jayfeather supposed to keep in touch with Rock?
Im Re-reading Fading Echoes looking for any hints or clues and this is one question i have so far. Ivypaw gets a splinter and its from Jayfeathers stick. The patrol is ordered to throw it over and when it hits the water it hurts Jayfeather even thugh he isnt there to see it go over.
Here is what i think:
Jayfeather will desprately need to go see Rock when the Dark Forest Vs StarClan War breaks loose. He is going to have to go into the caves where he finds Hollyleaf. This changes everything. Will Hollyleaf try to kill Jayfeather if she is down there? Or will Jayfeather try to get her to return to the Clan?
I Hope Night Whispers helps to answer these questions

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yall Are Gonna Love Me :)

The Whole Idea Of What IS Going To Happen. Beware Of Spoilers

Leafstar is struggling to rebuild SkyClan in a territory far from the other warrior Clans, but new and unexpected threats continue to plague her Clanmates. As dissent grows from within, Leafstar must face the one question she dreads: is SkyClan meant to survive?

Hints Towards A Possible Movie

Okay So I Was Looking For Hints And Spoilers And I Found This:
Night Whispers is chock-full of the epic adventure and daring feats that have made Warriors a blockbuster series. With more than eight million Warriors books sold and each new title hitting the New York Times bestseller list, the series continues to soar with this fourth arc.
Blockbuster Is Actually A Movie Store So Mabye Just Mabye This Means There Could Be A Warrior Cats Movie In The Near Future.

Monday, May 17, 2010

ShadowClans New Deputy!

ShadowClans New Deputy Is Rowanclaw!! This is Tawnypelts mate. He is a ginger tom

Battles of The Clans

This is the brand new book that is to be released on June 1st 2010! Its so close I cant wait! =D This is The Browse Inside!

Warrior Cat Names

These are some warrior names and Decriptions!

Seamist: Lively young white she cat with gray paws and a gray face. her eyes are the color of the sea
Pinebreeze: Reddish Brown tabby tom with bright yellow green eyes.
Oceansplash: Black tom with green eyes. Has one white spot on his back
Pumkinpatch: Light ginger she cat with light blue eyes.
Cherrytail: Tortise shell she cat with bright green eyes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fading Echoes and Night Whispers (SPOILERS)

Fading Echoes Recap:
Longtail Dies (If you need more Info Ask In A Comment)
Briarlight becomes paralyzed.
Cinderheart And Lionblaze go for a walk at night and Lionbaze thinks Cinderheart reminds him of Heathertail [:)]
Mistyfoot Is now Mistystar [:)]
Reedwhisker is the new RiverClan deputy
Firestar loses a life.
Russetfur dies
ThunderClan take back the territory they gave ShadowClan
Ivypaw is being trained by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost
Jayfeather wants Leafpool to be A medicine cat again

Also: Book 4 of Omen of The Stars will Be called Sign of The Moon It is to be released on December 3, 2010

Night Whispers
I cant find any spoilers YET for Night Whispers but i will keep an eye open for them. I have some ideas though!

* Cinderheart is going to have Lionblazes kits.
* Firestar dies
* Lionblaze becomes leader
* Leafpool resumes her position as Medicine cat
* A big war breaks loose
* What if Ravenpaw and Barely Return! =]

What I think:
*Daisy and Millie should have correct warrior names
*Ivypaw is going to discover Holyleaf in the under ground Tunnels OR ThunderClan has to use the tunnels too escape some danger OR Lionblaze shows Cinderheart and Hollyleaf is down there
*I DONT think Hollyleaf is dead

Please tell me what you think

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fading Echoes Spoilers and Night Whispers Cover/ Therories

This book is bound to be very interesting. At the end of Fading Echoes it leaves off at the battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan. Russetfur is dead (which i think is a big loss to the Clans) and Firestar may be dead. Something is going on between Tigerheart and Ivypaw. I think it may have something to do with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost training them. It is now clear that Tigerheart is infact in love with Dovepaw. Also Toadfoot and Ivypaw seem to have crushes on each other. Jayfeather makes a journey to the dark forest with Yellowfang and Spottedleaf. There they meet Brokentail and Tigerstar. They also see Hawkfrost doing somee brutal training with the dead evil cats.

I think the battle is going to lead to some problems between all clans and start an all out war between everyone and Jayfeather Lionblaze and Dovepaw are the only ones who can stop it. I also think the Dark Forest cats are going to try and take over everything. They are trying to get to all of the cats with weaknesses.

Please let me know what you think.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fading Echoes

Im so excited! Once i get to Barnes and Nobles and get the book i will read it and include some spoilers and hints if anyone wants that! Its finally out! Yay lol

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Special Thank You

Special thank you to Delaney fo the awesome header!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spoilers/ Therories

TO start off with some spoilers for Omen of the Stars: Fading Echoes
1. Leopardstar dies and Mistyfoot becomes Mistystar
2. Dovepaw and Ivypaw go to Windclan to check on Sagewisker
3. Hawkfrost is going to try to get to Dovepaw
4. ThunderClan is practicing attacking from trees.
5. There is going to be a battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan
6. Poppyfrosts kits are Cherrykit and Molekit
1. I think that now that Mistystar is leader ThinderClan and RiverClan will be two great allies.
2. I dont think Breezepelt and Heathertail are going to get together because Heathertail seemed annoyed with Breezepelt.
3.Rosepetal likes Toadstep so its a posibility that they are going to get together

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New book

Heart of a Warrior

New books and Announcements

Its only weeks now until Fading echoes come out im so excited if anyone has any ideas please share them i am dieing to know what this book is going to be about

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sorry Icestar

Sorry Icestar, but I am removing myself from this blog. Let's face it: I never have anything to post. Plus I have a lot of other blogs, and I don't have the time because I have to spend extra time with my mom and baby sister. And if I actually discover something, I'll just put it in a comment ok? :) K, bye!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Spoilers for Fading Echoes

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Make sure you dont yell at me at the end if they all arent true. This seemed like it could be very true to me so that is why i posted it. Im sorry i havent posted in a while it is because there seems to be nothing to post anymore! Well anyways hope you enjoy!!!

ok everyone i have some spoilers for fading echos. these have not been 100% confirmed, but when i skimmed through the erin hunter chat with vicki, she hezitated to answer a few questions... intresting huh? but anyways, if this doesnt happen in the books, dont blame me!

one of the most interesting ones i found was this snit bit of a chat...

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

VickyHolmes(A): Do you really expect me to answer that?

WHO KNOWS?????? maybe! she also said there was a femal villian comming up in the series! i think hollyleaf or ivypaw, but thats just me. ivypaw might become extremely jelous and kill dovepaw, or try to at least.

heres what kate had to say about the situation...

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

KateCary(A): I don't know! I suspect Vicky knows but I'm not asking her because I LOVE the suspense of not knowing - it's easier to identify with Lion and Jay cos they don't know either

and cherith...

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

CherithBaldry(A): Even if we knew we wouldn;t say!

something that shocked me.

Hazelleaf(Q): We saw crowfeather's outward reaction to the discovery of his kits- what was his internal reaction? Does he care about his kits or Leafpool?

VickyHolmes(A): Rest assured that Crowfeather has a lot of feelings boiling under his fur! You’ll get more glimpses of them in the next series, I promise.

cherith says...

CherithBaldry: I love Crowfeather! I think because he lost Feathettail and then leafpool, he now associates love with loss, so he won;t let himself love Nightcloud.

GASP?! crowfeather has FEELINGS?! who knew!

Coalfang(Q): will holly leaf and ashfur end up in the dark forest, or starclan, and will that be significant in 'Omen of the stars?

VickyHolmes(A): No comment – that would give away too much! Sorry, all these questions are making me feel mean.

dun dun dunnnnnn... another suspicuouse rumor! maybe its that hollyleaf and ashfur team up to destroy the clans! well, we'll just have to wait, wont we?

another thing that makes me wanna kill her, lol not really but i need to know these things!

Skywing(Q): Jayfeather can see StarClan. Lionblaze; The Dark Forest. If Hollyleaf truly is dead, can Ivykit/Dovekit see the place where she walks? As she doesn't deserve the place of no stars, or StarClan.

VickyHolmes(A): This is kind of tricky to answer, Skywing, on account of how I can't tell you if Hollyleaf is dead... I mean, I COULD tell you, but I'm choosing not to!

so is she or not?!

another chat snit bit, kind of interesting idea huh?

Wolf(Q): Have you ever considered a megadisaster that would wipe out a good bulk of ThunderClan? For people who love to kill of characters so much, you guys have been pretty merciful on ThunderClan's population. XD

VickyHolmes(A): I have considered it, yes, but I’m reluctant to have to populate an entire Clan with brand new characters (and all their names) when Kate, Cherith and I have spent so long getting to know the familiar faces! Also, we've had fires, floods, rampaging dogs, and major roadworks - those ThunderClan cats seem to dodge everything I throw at them! They are INVINCIBLE!

CherithBaldry: Oh please not tons more names to learn!

so i guess that ones a no...

Adderfang(Q): Any updates you can give us on the 'warrior movie' possibility?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, the fickle world of movie-making! Right now, there are no Warriors movies in production, or even under consideration. The economy is not in a healthy state for production companies to invest in a rather dark, intense animation about feral cats, apparently. L I promise I’ll let you know if anything changes!

darn! noo! i want a movie SO BAD!

FrostfootDreamleaf(Q): Have you ever thought of doing warrior cat plushies/stuffed animals?

VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I want a plushy of ME! Like that’s ever going to happen… I think Warriors plushies, along with all other merchandise like stationery or clothing, would be part of a movie deal, and not somewhere HarperCollins would venture on their own.

this would be awesome. darn you movie economy that doesnt wanna make a film about wariors! DARN YOU!

Morningleaf(Q): Will skyclan or the tribe of rushing water be coming back into the main series?

VickyHolmes(A): The Tribe will definitely pop up again! Not sure about SkyClan – at first I thought they would, not I’m not so sure about the likelihood of them making such a long journey. But don’t worry, SkyClan fans – this lovely Clan get their very own Super Edition next year in the shape of SkyClan’s Destiny! Cherith is writing that right now (and it’s going to be awesome).

sa-WEET! i am very exited to know about these things. just wish they didnt wait so long for it to come out!

Jayfeather(Q): Does Leafpool take part in Omen of the Stars?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, she’s most definitely involved.

well that one was kind of obvious, but anyways

Daisypaw(Q): Back in the old days, apprentice training started at dawn. Kits AND apprentices used to bow in respect to elders and senior warriors. It was considered an honor to be allowed to eat with the senior warriors. A queen could have several litters and we'd never hear a word about the multiple fathers. Handling mouse bile was a punishment. But nowadays, queens become VERY attached to usually only one tom. Cats can eat with whoever they wish. Removing ticks from the elders has become a daily chore, and cats only bow in respect to the leader or medicine cat- and even then, not as much as they should. What has happened to all these traditions? Will they ever come back?

VickyHolmes(A): Hi Daisy! Okay, these are fair points, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Training still starts at dawn if you’re on an early border or hunting patrol, which usually involve most of the apprentices (seeing as there aren’t that many now). The warriors still tend to eat in their ranks, although I agree we haven’t made that obvious for a while. The whole multiple-father thing, although realistic, became too difficult an issue when it came to family trees, and also to the sense that our cats are seen by many readers (and their parents) as moral role models. You can figure out for yourself why we streamlined all the messy relationships, then! I don’t think tick-duty takes place every day – don’t forget, a lot goes on that we don’t see on the page. Finally, the reason cats don’t bow quite as much as they used to is because every other line started to include “dipped his head”, “dipped her head”, “bowed his head”, etc. Far too repetitive for my liking! So I cut down, although it still goes on.

and kate...

KateCary(A): I think there still is a lot of respect running through the Clans but you're right, they've become a lot more easy-going on the rules and regulations. I put this down to Firestar rather brilliant and relaxed leadership. he's more interested in the heart of a warrior than the petty rules

wow, im glad that was in there! sure, removing ticks is a punishment for "warrior" apprentiices, but not medicine cats!

Sandcloud(Q): Did you always mean to make Hollyleaf um... go out like she did?

VickyHolmes(A): I’ll be honest (gasp! Actually, I’m always honest, I just sometimes hide a bit of the truth): in The Sight, Hollyleaf was absolutely and totally one of the Three in the Prophecy. I always wanted to send her into a place where she would end up doing something dreadful, but I thought this would come about because she misused her extraordinary powers. But by Book Three, I just couldn’t think what Hollyleaf’s power was. Jay and Lion had walked straight into their roles from the moment they appeared in my head, but Holly seemed to reject everything I offered her, from foreseeing the future to reading minds (unlike Jay, who senses emotions but can only read memories). Nothing seemed to fit – and I realized, literally overnight, that she was never meant to have a power. She wasn’t one of the Three, and the knowledge of this would help to crush her, along with all the other doom I had lined up for her. I LOVE it when characters find their own destinies like that!

well, thats interesting. i never liked hollyleaf, she was always a pain in the neck. "oh you didnt follow the warrior code!" bla bla bla, just shut up hollyleaf!

ok enough of the chats! that list goes on forever! but here are some spoilers im 99.9% sure of!

lionblaze and icecloud become mates! yay! YES THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!

a younger warrior gets blinded by a falling tree, i wonder who?

bavrs might be a problem, again.

leopardstar dies, i think we all knew this was coming.

firestar dies, ya i think we knew that was coming too.

A battle between the dark forest and starclan takes part, im not sure which book

(end of spolers)

ok well that all ive got about spoilers! but some interedting rumors are going around!

Ivypaw becomes evil and teams up with hollyleaf and ashfur to kill cats of thunderclan.

when firestar dies brambleclaw becomes leader and appoints berrynose as deputy. WHAT??????

leafpool dies because breezetail kills her when sshe saved icecloud from him. like breezetail attacks icecloud and she saves her, but dies. thats so sad!

thhats all i got! gtg at dinner be back later bye!

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Contest winners!!

SParklestar Scarheart Dreamstar and Buzz Girl!!! You all get this wonderful thing i creaated!!

I hope you like it!!!! :)

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Also i would like for you to be one of my Team members if you would like!!!


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Fond this have some therories!!

As Jayfeather tackles his new responsibilities as the Clan's sole medicine cat and Lionblaze trains his apprentice in the ways of the warrior code, Dovepaw hones her unique ability and tries to use it for the good of ThunderClan. But the dark shadows that have preyed on the Clan for many moons still lurk just beyond the forest. Soon a mysterious visitor will walk in one cat's dreams whispering promises of greatness, with results that will change the future of ThunderClan in ways that no cat could have foreseen.

Okay this part Soon a mysterious visitor will walk in one cat's dreams whispering promises of greatness, with results that will change the future of ThunderClan in ways that no cat could have foreseen.
I think it is talking about Tigerstar. Im thinking he gets into Ivypaws mind and is training her the way he did Lionblaze but is tring to turn her against StarClan onto his side!

And this part But the dark shadows that have preyed on the Clan for many moons still lurk just beyond the forest.

I think this is about the Dark Forest cats coming to the living and fighting StarClan!!

What do you al think!!??


Okay so this is the first contest i have had on this blog!! All of the questions are about Bluestars Prophecy Into the Wild Fire and Ice and of COurse Forest of Secrets!!!

1)WHy did RiverClan have to move Camps?
2)Who are Tigerstars parents?
3) How was Moonflower killed?
4) WHy werent WindClan i there territory in book 1-2?
5) In Fire and Ice Barkface sees something on the clouds. What does he see?
6) Who are Bluestars 3 kits?

Whoever wins will get an award!

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