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Tuesday, June 28, 2011




Monday, June 20, 2011

To Anonymous Commentor

This post is to the Anonymous poster and only you......I'm curious, because for as long as I can remember someone anonymous has been commenting on our post w/ AH-MAZING theories and support. I just wanted to know.....just who are you, faithful Icestar Follower:3

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Special Post~ Tons of Spoilers & Things 2 Think About!

OKAYYY! AWESOME SPOILERS FOR TFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been confirmed by the Erins that Cinderheart will discover she is Cinderpelt!!!

I also have a theory to who the forgotten warrior is.....
Purdy!!! Because he is immortal :D!!

Now for a slight interruption, then back on with the awesome spoilers/theories we found and/or came up with.

Okay, Maddie and I are both remodeling this blog:) But we're having difficulty.........with a post divider and it's very....sparkly.
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BUt it won't do what we want it to, which means it won't show up. And also it's a little difficult to see the posts because the background is so bright so we were thinking maybe like a slightly transparent white sheet behind the posts and behind the sidebars, but...we don't know how. If you can help us.....tell us:D

More theories:
  • The forgotten warrior doesn't mean that WE have forgotten it. It might mean that the CLANS have forgotten them, so we wouldn;t have ever heard of them.
  • What if...........they've been leading us on....the Erins? What if the Forgotten Warrior isn't....Hollyleaf? What if she really is dead??? Who could it be...
  • Here's another idea. What do you get when you put together the 2nd part of HollyLEAF and IvyPOOL's names? Leafpool. Just a thought.
  • Blossomfall. Why did she have such a big part in SOTM? No one else is talking about that. Why bring to the surface her problems when she's never been very involved or mentioned...
  • The Forgotten Warrior has been confirmed as a TC kitty, one that joins TC. It's not Sol he isn't flippin' forgotten. Don't mention Pinestar, Brightspirit, or anyone not TC. It's not Ravenpaw or Barley OR Smudge because it's been confirmed they will stay in the barn. Not SkyClan.
  • And remember way back when when it was confirmed Firestar would die in OOTS? REMEMBER? And that Brambleclaw would NOT be leader, an unexpected cat would. Everyone suspected Lionblaze, but it never happened......Firestar is not IMMORTAL (Though Purdy isXD) What if the same cat that becomes leader is the forgotten warrior?
  • On TFW cover, a cat is chasing a squirrel. That's how Hollyleaf "died."
  • Even though there's an orange cat on the cover of TFW that doesn't mean an orange cat will be TFW. The orange cat is Lionblaze or Leafpool. He can't be the forgotten warrior and if the Erins put a picture of Hollyleaf on the cover then that would give everything away.
  • TFW can't be Mapleshade She appeared in NW and is going to be a main character in Crookedstar's Promise which comes out before TFW. It wouldn't makes sense for her to be the forgotten warrior.

Does anyone see everything, the connections? Meaningless things that meant nothing before are going to matter now. Guys, LIONBLAZE is the on the cover TFW, that is CONFIRMED BY VICKY. Leafpool is the cat chasing the squirrel. Hollyleaf has a black pelt, Fallen Leaves is Ginger and white, they were both down in the tunnels. If it's Leafpool chasing a Squirrel...something big might happen between Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Maybe Squirrelflight dies, because a squirrel is being chased for prey and all. Maybe Leafpool accidentally causes Squirrelflight's death, or vice versa. Then again, there may be no death at all.

Something I Forgot About

The 4th part of the prophecy. Who could that be? Now for me I kinda really hope that it isn't Ivypool. That wouldn't be much of a twist at all. We don't even know if this cat has to be related to Firestar. Or maybe it's a kit that hasn't even been born yet or was born in between Sign of The Moon and the Forgotten Warrior. For all we know the Forgotten warrior could be the 4th part.
Obvious Choices:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To Icestar

Dear Maddie,

Here is dat awesome siggie you wanted:)


We Need A Playlist!

Okay everyone we need a playlist! I want music that everybody likes so feel free to make some suggestions! We should have one set up in about a week:3

If you need to contact either of us, send us an email at-

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Forgotten Warrior

So lets brainstorm here!
Hollyleaf- She hasn't exactly been forgotten. She has been mentioned throughout the series so I don't think that she is the forgotten warrior but I do think that she is obviously alive. If you still don't agree, go re-read Sign of The Moon.

Mapleshade- This cat is fading in the Dark Forest. Her memory is being Forgotten. Could she make a major comeback and some cat recognizes her? 

Ravenpaw- We haven't heard from him in ages! Could him and Barely return to ThunderClan seeking a place to live and grow old? Maybe Ravenpaw would even receive a warrior name!

Cinderpelt- She lives in Cinderheart and Cinderheart doesn't know that she is Cinderpelt. What if that is what the Forgotten Warrior is about?

Sol- Technically he isn't a warrior but hey, it's worth a shot!

Feel free to share your thoughts!

Hey All

Okay so here's what has been going on, my ex hacked EVERYTHING of mine. I no longer have control over my email and what not-_- School was a killer but guess what? It's summertime! Time for lots of free time. Know what that means? More blogging for me! And more information for you guys!

Star- Thank you thank you thank you thank you sooooo much for coming on here

To the people who still come on- I love you guys so much. You showed loyalty to this blog^^


Friday, June 10, 2011

News, Theories, & Important Details

OK! SOo000Oo good news and bad. Everyone always wants the bad news first, so I'm giving it last.
School's out so this blog can now continue!
This blog needs a makeoverrrrrrrrrr!
Okay anyway. I'm going to give you guys something to think about. A theory a commenter made.
But of course BLogger is complicated and won't let me C&P it anymore >.<
It was posted anonymously on the post Forgotten Warrior & Other.They pointed out that the 'shadowy' cat in the tunnels that led Ivypool and Blossomfall to safety. They also pointed out that maybe Hollyleaf (WHO ELSE WOULD I BE TALKING ABOUT!) may have felt she wasn't welcome in TC anymore and lived in the tunnels but still looks out for her Clan, b/c she's awesome like dat;D
But something else has caught my attention. Why did Blossomfall have such a big role in SOTM? Anyone else intrigued by that? It's just something to point out. To ponder.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anyone @ All?!?

I need to know now............does anyone come on Icestar's blog anymore?!?!? I know its been awhile since you recieved updates of Warriors news on this blog. I know that. I talked to Maddie. She's just been busy. It will get better. But do you guys want Icestar's Gossip to continue is the question. Comment if you do.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Icestar Warrior Fans

Idk what happened to Iceh. I came on to do some work for school (reallly stupid story) and I decided to check out my Blogger profile. I saw she hadn't posted for a while. I still chat with her but not as much as I like. Now for some juicyyyyy gossip. I just finished reading SOTM like 3 days ago. I am AS CONFUSED AS YOU. But I also am a lover of Nancy Drew, so I suggest her series. JK. No way. ND taught things to snap in my mind when a possible connection could be made. And that's what happened. Find the fourth. Remember?! Ring a freakin' bell?! DING-A-LING-LING?!?! No? Nothing? Nada? Fine. Have the Erins ever used the word 4th before? Perhaps as a a certain series? Perhaps in OOTS??!?! The first book. Ivypaw and Dovepaw become apprentices. But whose the fourth and further more why am I pointing this out? Jayjay was told to find the fourth. Someone that is already not one of the 3. O0Oo0hhh! You got anything? For those of you who are still poor in brain activity (Not stupid but close to it) means not Dovewing, Jayjay himself (Is he gonna split himself in two!?), or Hotie Lionblaze. That leaves...idk 100 cats from the other Clans. Eliminate cats not mentioned. 50 kitties. Eliminate non-important meowers. 10 maybe. Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, Squirrel, Leafpool, Fire, Ivypool. Bada-bing-bad-a-boom. Ivypool. She's the fourth. Every meaningless thing the Erins have mentioned....will matter in the last coupla books. Remember that. Gotta go...I think there's a ghost in my house....HELPPP :X