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Friday, July 30, 2010

I Found A Trend

Thisleclaw, Tigerclaw, Brambleclaw. Whats up with that? Thistleclaw trained Tigerclaw and Tigerclaw is Brambleclaws father. Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw were evil. Do you think this could mean that brambleclaw was evil? I mean it could throw an interesting twist to the plot, but Brambleclaw being evil? I just cant see that happening. I mean yeah at one time he was under the influence of Tigerstar but now he isnt. Maybe the evil part couldve been from when Tigerstar was influencing him. Tell me what you think!

New Design

Okay so you guys may have noticed the new design. Thanks to Starry my blog now snows:) She also made the awesome header. I have a blog button being created so i hope everyone likes the new design with the theme of snow and Ice to go along with Icestar.

Todays Picture

I drew this on My paint Program. Hope ya like it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Okay so i was on the forums at the Warriors site and this one person said there will be an evil cat named Mapleshade and that Vicki said this on her Facebook? Does anyone know anything about this?

The following paragraph in Italics was found on Warriors Wikia CLICK HERE

It was revealed on Vicky's facebook page that an evil she-cat by the name of Mapleshade would appear in Night Whispers.[2]
It was also revealed that we would find out more about her in Crookedstar's Promise, making her a member of The Place of No Stars.[3]

Mabye this Mapleshade character is one of the cats training the new Dark Forest Warriors. Also on the page where I found the name Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, Dovepaw, Jayfeather and Lionblaze were also there. These are the characters that are going to be in the book for sure im guessing CLICK HERE

This is the Blurb:
Jayfeather and Lionblaze are convinced that the deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan should not have happened, and they are more determined to uncover the real reason that StarClan led them astray. Meanwhile, Dovepaw must face a startling fact and realizes that evil is sometimes no more than a whisper's length away. As tensions between the four Clans grow, one cat will make a stand for what is right- but at what price?

This is A new Thing im going to do. On every post there will be a picture that i found online or that I drew.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Clans and Important Message


These Clans are both well developed and people come on everyday. They just need more members. RainClan is my Clan and LightningClan is my friend Starry's Clan. Please join.

Important Message
Does anyone even come on here anymore? On my last few posts there werent any comments at all. I was just wondering.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

BeeClan Header

Here ya go Alado! You dont have to use it if you dont want to lol:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

SkyClans Destiny Spoilers

The Browse-Inside for this book was just recently released. I have read it and I think this is going to be really interesting!
Leafstar could be a bit more strict in the way she gives orders but she is compassionate and caring. She is an excellent leader.
Near the end of chapter 5 the loners that helped Firestar and Sandstorm when they got sperated show up (Stick Cora Coal and Shorty). They are interested in Clan life and were wondering if Leafstar could show them a few things.
Coal goes with Echosong to the medicine cat den because he is interested in learning about herbs.
Leafstar and Echosong dreamed the same dream where they heard Spiderstar and Brackenheart talking. They say that SkyClan has to find "Deeper roots" if it is to survive.
There is a lot of arguing throughout the Clan on how soe cats thing they have ancestors from SkyClan. These cats who think this tant the others. Sagepaw dislocated his leg by falling off of a cliff because of this. Leafstar soon sorts this problem out and everyone is working together as a clan again.
There are som cats who are daylight-warriors meaning that they are warriors by day and kittypets at night.

Browse Inside SkyClans Destiny To read inside of SkyClans Destiny click that link!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Warrior Stuff and Night Whispers Theroies

Okay so the Erins are starting the Crookedstar Super Edition timeline and getting together parts for the actual story. Its been said that this takes place sometime around when Bluestars prophecy takes place. Personally i love the super editions like this that go back to the older cats.

Also if you want to see the cover for Sign of the Moon visit:
The release date for this is 4/5/11 (Info from the link above)

Therories for Night Whispers
1. Cinderheart and Lionblaze become mates. I think this is very possible because in Fading Echoes they were growing close. Lionblaze even thought "There is nothing wrong with being with Cinderheart she is all ThunderClan" (Not exact words but a paraphase)

2.Hollyleaf returns. There have been signs that she is still alive, like when Jayfeather smells the scent that is familiar to him but unfamiliar to him at the same time. He discovers this in the area where Tigerheart was. Hmm if you ask me it sounds like Hollyleaf and Tigerheart may be meeting. Also Jayfeather felt as if he were being watched

3.ShadowClan holds ThunderClan responsible for the death of Russetfur. Though this IS true it isnt really Lionblaze's fault that she died, i mean she was too old and should've been an elder. This could lead to more battles between the two rival Clans and right now where the Dark Forest is preparing to attack that isnt a good thing.

4.While i was writing #3 i though this: What if Tigerstar trains all of the ShadowClan cats to be on their side. Mabye this is why Flametail is a main character? I mean its very possible. If a whole Clan is being trained to be evil we would need a good cat a medicine cat like Flametail to be there. Also Tawnypelt Dawnpelt and Flametail might go to ThunderClan im not sure aout Tigerheart though.

5.Jayfeather has to find another way to communicate with Rock. Its possible that he could stumble over another hole and have it lead to the nder water river. Rock could give Jayfeather a lot of information, possibly more than StarClan could give him for that matter.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Background!

Okay so I learned how to use my own picture off the internet with the help of
Wake Designs! Hope you like it. If you have any ideas for a different picture please let me know!

Url for Wake Designs:

You should check it out its really cool:)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independance Day!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and has a fabuously awesome day. Remember the true meaning of today and remeber those who died for the Great country America:)