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Monday, July 20, 2009

ThunderClan Therories

I think wind clan will attack ThunderClan and Onestar kills Firestar. Brambleclaw steps down from being leader so StarClan Choses lionblaze to be the new leader of TunderClan. Leafpool gets training to be a warrior and then becomes a warrior of ThunderClan. Hollyleaf is alive but she is lurking in the tunnels wondering if she should return. Something happenes to WindClan and Heathertail comes to ThunderClan hoping Lionblaze/star will except her into the Clan. Sandstorm Dustpelt And Graystripe join the elders den. Purdy joins the clan.


Floppyj10; Sandstar said...

Hey cool blog!


Sparkletail said...

Thanks sandbreeze yours is cool to

★Silverstar★ said...

Oh, if Onestar kills Firestar, I would be SO MAD. I don't like Firestar, but if Onestar kills him I'm going to be shocked. Firestar helped make him leader! Of course Onestar has forgotten that as it is, but KILLING him?


Sparkletail said...

i know they became like arch nemises though so it does make sense.