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Friday, August 14, 2009


Is She dead or does she live? Personally i think she is alive everyone i know said that she was one of there favorite cats so why would the erins make her die. This is just a therory of what might happen here it goes.

Down deep underground a black she cat walk tring to find a way out. She got to the underground river and found the sightless and furless cat called rock.
" Hollyleaf what are you doing? asked rock"
"im getting out of here i cant stand it any longer im returning to thunderclan"

She left before roc could reply. she found the tunnel that lead to windclan and followed it dawn was breaking by the time she got out of the tunnels. she spotted a windclan patrol inn the distance so she stayed to the shadows her black fur keeping her hidden.

just then she spotted a thunderclan patrol she stopped them.
" im not dead so get those stunned looks off your face i was just trapped in those cursed tunnels but im back now and thats all that matters. Take me to firestar.

Firestar im sorry for all the things ive done in the past but whats done is done and id like to retun to thunderclan if thats fine with you.

and that is where it ends hope you enjoyed it


Swiftstar said...


Goldenstream said...


Swiftstar said...

i hate hollyleaf!

Icestar said...

i liked er she just kinda went well coocoo

Mudblossom said...

I'm right with you Swiftstar!!!!

Icestar said...

I liked her until she went coocoo

Swiftstar said...

then S P L A T

★Silverstar★ said...

I love Hollyleaf. The poor misunderstood thing. She was dedicated to the warrior code, and I personally thought her obsessing over it was funny. She only wanted the best for her Clan, and I wish she could have become leader She reminds me of... me. In the way of obsessing over things. I love her, but I have to say, I think she's dead.


★Silverstar★ said...

You want a cat to hate, look to your left.

Brambleclaw - Graystripe - Hollyleaf

Graystripe and Hollyleaf glance at Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw looks around. "My paws are clean in this! Figuratively.."

Sorry I just had to quite Pirates of the Caribbean! LOL just got a strange urge to do that!

But anyway, Brambleclaw is really a cat to hate. He's so... URG! He makes me want to scream!


Dreamstar said...

Please go to Wolfshadows and check out the contest that is going on!

Icestar said...

Dont talk about brambleclaw that way he is a great cat and i think he is gonna make a good leader when firestar dies

Dreamstar said...

I don't really like Brambleclaw really either.he seems to full of himself.

But in other terms he is a sweet cat.Loving.Kind.

But in other terms he is,as I said before,too full of himself,mean at times,and can get into your buissness.

But here is a great cat-JAYFEATHER!

He speaks his mind,tells the truth,kind(at times)sweet(again,at times)and utterly AWESOME!!!

Icestar said...

I like Jayfeather too but i think brambleclaw is awesome he has had a hard path and he made it through

Gazestripe said...

Oh I still think Hollyleaf is my top most hatred list. Brambleclaw is AWSOME!! and if u think he isn't your syaing that your hating firestar, and that means your name is "Warriors Sucks" But the cat I despise the most of all, who I want dead the most...... is that evil EVIL HEATHERTAIL! (don't think it is because she gave away the secret, which some of you think it waz a kit, even though she did it. It's alot of things despicable things) I hate heathertail more that Swiftstar (for those who saw her rantin about that mine is ten times worse) she should be killed by lionblaze, she should, and her body would look the same way it did in Lionblaze's dream! (p.s. one on the reasons lionblaze is my fave out o the three.)

Icestar said...

i hate heathertail and i love brambleclaw i hope icecloud becomes lionblazes mate and then kills heathertail LOL :D

Anonymous said...

I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!
to bad, he died of a broken heart

Anonymous said...

I love Brambleclaw! But i hate Hollyleaf, she killed Ashfur to stop him from revealing that Leafpool is her mother instead of Squirellight.
But she said it herself at the gathering!

Anonymous said...

I love bramble and holly their both too missinderstud holly is my DAC and she is alive says so in the forgotten warrior=^.^=