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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hawkfrost and Birchfall tied as the favorite character with 13 votes each and Rainpool was the name everyone liked best, Monday i will post new ones i will leave the other results up until tommorrow.


Scarheart said...

I posted this comment on the Allegiances, but I wanted people to see it.

Your Welcome. And Poppyfrost shoulld've been with Foxleap or Mousewhisker. Berrynose is moving WAY too fast, it's like he never loved Honeyfern and suddenly he has kits!! I picked Foxleap, but that would b moving too fast too. Although, in Sunrise, Toad and Rose were kits, and now they're warriors, so Foxleap would actually been a while as a warrior. Mousewhisker was the best choice.


Rainstar said...

Ya i think totally the same thing

Wildflower said...

I find that perhaps Berrynose was so devastated about Honeyfern that he didn't want to move on. Perhaps he was like Crowfeather, who said that if Feathertail would wait so would he. And, maybe, like Crowfeather, he was hiding his real feelings toward Poppyfrost like Crowfeather was hiding his feelings for Leafpool. But maybe Honeyfern came to him in a dream, like Feathertail telling Leafpool to tell Crowfeather to not be blinded to the living. Maybe Honeyfern accepted Berrynose's feelings and told him to pair off with Poppyfrost? Anyone agree?


Scarheart said...

I agree. Also, people say Cinder should b with Mouse. She deserves better than Mouse, right?


Delaney said...

All I know is thatit's likely for Lion will be with Ice. And Also, for everyone who hasn't seen chapters 1-6of The Forth Apprentice, you can getthe link @ my blog:

Wildflower said...

Thanks, Delaney! I saw the 6 chapters! THEY MADE MEH FEEL BETTAH! THANK YOU!!