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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Okay you know how in Fading Echoes a young cat is supposed to be injured by a falling tree? Well i was thinking what if the young cat that is injured by the falling tree is actually DOvepaw? Here is what i think will happen.
I think Ivypaw will get soo jealous of Dovepaw that she will try to se a tree to kill her. SHe tells someone to go get DOvepaw and they lead her to the tree and you know how in long Shadows Hollyleaf Jayfeather Lionblaze Tigerpaw Dawnpaw and Flamepaw made the trees fall? I think Ivypaw is going to do that to DOvepaw.

OMG OMG i just relized something!!!

Look at the cover!!! See the two cats on the bottom (lionblaze and Dovepaw) Dovepaw saw a tree fall on Cinderheart and since Ivypaw is her apprentice she would be there with her and DOvepaw is leading Lionblaze to where Cinderheart is hurt and then Ciderheart ends up being crippled again.

Or this is how brambleclaw get crippled and cant become leader.

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Buzz Girl said...

I went on the warriors website and Lionblaze and Ice cloud aren't mates...Icecloud is in the nursery with Mousewhisker's kits.

Rainstar said...

Where did you find that?

Goldenstream said...

!!! Really? But Icecloud is supposed to be Lion's mate!!!! The erins practicly confirmed that!!!!


Scarheart said...

They NEVER confirmed that. They said that ICECLOUD has a CRUSH on Lionblaze. I mean who wouldn't? Well, you know how people evr since Long Shadows-The Fourth Apprentice said that Firestar and Brambleclaw are gong to die? Well, just cause it didn't happen, doesn't mean it WILL happen. This is an opinion, but I dll EVER happen. Since when did the Erins drop any hints or clues that that would happen? I am VERY frustrated! Why do u alwayd think that will happen?


Rainstar said...

What?? Are my theories good??

Scarheart said...

But Rainstar, your theory about Ivypaw and Dovepaw COULD be true. Just 2 MINOR problems:

1) The trees are bigger in ThunderClan territory and there's only ONE cat (Ivypaw) that would kill Dovepaw, unless Breezepelt. That would be hard for one young apprentice to dig up a tree that big.

2) Ivypaw doesn't know about Dovepaw's power YET. Why would she kill her right away? It would probably take a while to become jelous. Although I believe like everryone else that Ivypaw is jelos of her sister, the Erins only said that she WOULD be jelous, not that she would be jelous of her sister. Maybe she's jelous of the attention from Jayfeather and Lionblaze. Maybe SHE has a crush on Lionblaze. Think about it................


Buzz Girl said...

Your theorie are very good Rainstar. I was just exploring on the Warriors website that Icecloud is expecting Mousewhisker's kits...

Rainstar said...

oh cool But scarheart Dovepaw could be getting all this attention for being right about the beavers and Ivypaw wants attention but isnt getting any but i understad where you are going!! Thanks everyone!! :)

Buzz Girl said...

Whats my cats name for RAinClan?

Rainstar said...


★Silverstar★ said...

No, they DID say that Ivypaw was jealous of all of the attention that Dovepaw was getting. So yes, it IS about Dovepaw. Plus Ivypaw is of course RELATED to Lionblaze, remember? Lionblaze is her grandfather's cousin, so that is impossible.

Aww, Mousewhisker and Icecloud? Well, I was hoping for Cinderheart, but Icecloud is actually a pretty good match too. BUT WAIT JUST A SECOND! What about Leafpool getting killed by trying to save Icecloud because she knew that Lionblaze cared about her? So there has to be SOMETHING between them. Hmm... Maybe Lionblaze will take Hazeltail as his mate instead.

Sorry, I think that theory about the trees isn't true. There are MUCH easier ways for an apprentice to kill her sister. And frankly, it does seem impossible that Ivypaw, just one apprentice, would be able to dig up a LARGE tree, and much less be able to make it fall DIRECTLY on Dovepaw. And when ThunderClan saw a tree dug up they would know that it was murder. There are such simpler and sneakier ways. Also isn't it a little too early for them to start hating each other? The series just started.

You said that both Brambleclaw and Cinderheart get crippled by a tree falling on them? What if that's the beavers' work? Maybe that's how they cause trouble for the other three Clans.


Rainstar said...

Mabye that was just a therory ii dont know if it is true i was randomly thinking of things

Anonymous said...

Where on the Warriors website does it say that Mousewhisker and Icecloud would be mates?

SapphireStar said...

Acually my prediction is this
1.Lionblaze and Cinderheart fal in love because on tthe cover is Lionblaze and Cinderheart
2.Erin said a cat in every clan will be trained by dark forest i think Ivypaw is getting trained by Tigerstar or HawkFrost.
3.LepordStar dies cause shes old and retared and stuipeid
4.Rustedfur dies also for the same reson
6.Firestar looses a life in a battle with Shadowclan
Please Reply to my theries

Icestar said...

Yeah they are all true. It happened in Fading Echoes. Lionblaze killed Russetfur lol

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