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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spoilers/ Therories

TO start off with some spoilers for Omen of the Stars: Fading Echoes
1. Leopardstar dies and Mistyfoot becomes Mistystar
2. Dovepaw and Ivypaw go to Windclan to check on Sagewisker
3. Hawkfrost is going to try to get to Dovepaw
4. ThunderClan is practicing attacking from trees.
5. There is going to be a battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan
6. Poppyfrosts kits are Cherrykit and Molekit
1. I think that now that Mistystar is leader ThinderClan and RiverClan will be two great allies.
2. I dont think Breezepelt and Heathertail are going to get together because Heathertail seemed annoyed with Breezepelt.
3.Rosepetal likes Toadstep so its a posibility that they are going to get together


MadiShae said...

I agree with all the theories.


Dreamstar said...

Actually, Blossompaw likes Toadstep, so that is also a possibility.

MadiShae said...

They're brother and sister. I almost skipped that. Yeah it's Blossomfall who likes him.


♣Delaney♣ said...

Rainstar said...

Yeah Dreamstar is right lol sorry i got the wrong character

Anonymous said...

some roumors aarn't even important!!!!!!!!!

Seastar said...

Those arent rumors

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You forgot some theories:
1. Dovepaw and Tigerheart will mate.
2. Rosepetal and Foxleap will mate. (I think you were trying to say that and Foxleap/Blossomfall at the same time.)