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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Theories, theories, theories *sigh*

Okays pplz xD The theory of Hollyleaf leaving everything is pure proof. If you agree comment "I"!!!

Messages To Fellow Commenters

Sparkstar: Thank you for agreeing x3!!!
Amme: Thanks!! You got any, kuz we'll post them :3
Dreamstar: That's your opinion you're just pissed that we figured out a perfect theory and YOU didn't. >:D
Anonymous: That is unknown! I'm searching for spoilers....I'll try harder knowing you all want to know!! For now...speculate!!
Embertail: Thanks for embarrassing me and making me look like a mouse-brain XD
Shadowflower: *Bows head with her*
Hannah: You are sooooo right!!! :)



Icestar said...


~~From Icestar who is just too lazy to log in:3

ѕтαяgαzє said...


Sparkstar said...


Embertail said...


☪Dreamstar said...

I wasn't mad... and it's not that awesome of a theory... I have my own theories about Crowfeather... no need to be rude AND mean... even if it was a joke...

Anonymous said...

i and thanks for searching for spoliors becouse i cant find any and i still realy want to know :3

ѕтαяgαzє said...

Dreamstar, you think you know everything. Alotta ppl think it's Hollyleaf, but maybe it could be Crowfeather but it wouldn't make any SENSE. Stop being a fox-brain:/

☪Dreamstar said...

I'm not, Why don't YOU stop? I don't think it's Hollyleaf. Just shut-up. And I meant DIFFERENT theories with Crowfeather. Don't speak if you have NO idea what i mean. Just shut your face up.