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Friday, June 3, 2011

Icestar Warrior Fans

Idk what happened to Iceh. I came on to do some work for school (reallly stupid story) and I decided to check out my Blogger profile. I saw she hadn't posted for a while. I still chat with her but not as much as I like. Now for some juicyyyyy gossip. I just finished reading SOTM like 3 days ago. I am AS CONFUSED AS YOU. But I also am a lover of Nancy Drew, so I suggest her series. JK. No way. ND taught things to snap in my mind when a possible connection could be made. And that's what happened. Find the fourth. Remember?! Ring a freakin' bell?! DING-A-LING-LING?!?! No? Nothing? Nada? Fine. Have the Erins ever used the word 4th before? Perhaps as a a certain series? Perhaps in OOTS??!?! The first book. Ivypaw and Dovepaw become apprentices. But whose the fourth and further more why am I pointing this out? Jayjay was told to find the fourth. Someone that is already not one of the 3. O0Oo0hhh! You got anything? For those of you who are still poor in brain activity (Not stupid but close to it) means not Dovewing, Jayjay himself (Is he gonna split himself in two!?), or Hotie Lionblaze. That leaves...idk 100 cats from the other Clans. Eliminate cats not mentioned. 50 kitties. Eliminate non-important meowers. 10 maybe. Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, Squirrel, Leafpool, Fire, Ivypool. Bada-bing-bad-a-boom. Ivypool. She's the fourth. Every meaningless thing the Erins have mentioned....will matter in the last coupla books. Remember that. Gotta go...I think there's a ghost in my house....HELPPP :X

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Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but what about fallen Leaves and the ancients there long forgotten by everyone but jay jay