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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interesting Question

How is Jayfeather supposed to keep in touch with Rock?
Im Re-reading Fading Echoes looking for any hints or clues and this is one question i have so far. Ivypaw gets a splinter and its from Jayfeathers stick. The patrol is ordered to throw it over and when it hits the water it hurts Jayfeather even thugh he isnt there to see it go over.
Here is what i think:
Jayfeather will desprately need to go see Rock when the Dark Forest Vs StarClan War breaks loose. He is going to have to go into the caves where he finds Hollyleaf. This changes everything. Will Hollyleaf try to kill Jayfeather if she is down there? Or will Jayfeather try to get her to return to the Clan?
I Hope Night Whispers helps to answer these questions

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