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Monday, June 7, 2010


Okay so heres what ya gotta do :)
*Write a short story on Firestars death scene and what you think is going to happen.
*Im going to pick the most creative ones as the winner. There will be three winners.
*Remember have fun and enjoy
*Ends 5-11-10

1. Dont steal other peoples ideas
2. No foul languages
3. Be nice. Dont judge what others say


☆Myra/Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

Cool! I'm going to do it, but I need a while to write the story. Just so no one else gets the idea, I think Sol is going to kill Firestar O.o

MadiShae said...

Cinderheart rushed into Firestar's den and yowls, "Firestar! ShadowClan has lead another attack with Rowanclaw leading!" Firestar looks up and listens with intention. He stands up and says, "I will lead a patrol with you, Ivypaw, Brakenfur, and Foxleap. SAndstorm, take Dovewing and Graystripe to se if you can stop this so nothing like last time will happen."

Later. . . .

Firestar wrestled with Oakfur as the battle ages around them. He bit onto his ear and Oakfur let out a howl and ran off. Firestar got up and shook his fur when something pulled him back and into the braken. He hissed and scratched at the attacker's face unti he realized it was Ivyclaw. "Ivyclaw, what are you doing? You should be out there, fighting," he finishes with fury, apparently not happy with ShadowClan's worthless attacks. Ivyclaw glances at him with an evil glint in her eyes. "This is for Tigerstar," she murmurs and raises her claws to Firestar's neck.

Did ya like it? And if you didn't get it, she killed him. ;)


☆Myra/Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

[Okay, I don't exactly know the meaning of short, because I had to put it in two parts, but I hope it's good. It's a cliffhanger too]

Sol stood over Firestar, his claws gleaming with blood. “So, you have nine lives huh?” he whispered in Firestar’s ear. “Well, let’s see how many you have left!” He raised a paw to deal the death blow.
“No!” a voice rang through the clearing, and with a meow, a black shape jetted like a stream of water onto Sol. “Whaa?” Sol yowled as he was bowled over by the cat, a she-cat, he sensed.
A clump of ferns at the edge of the clearing rustled, and out burst Lionblaze, Brambleclaw, Graystripe, Sandstorm, Jayfeather, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Cinderheart, and Dovewing (that’s what I think her warrior name will be). “What?” asked Sandstorm. Then she saw the form of her mate lying on the ground and yowled, “Firestar!”
Lionblaze looked over at the grappling cats. Sol had freed himself and both went hurtling into the bushes. The black cat pursued him. Lionblaze turned his attention to Firestar. The ginger tom was breathing raggedly. “This is my last life,” he said weakly, “I go to hunt with StarClan.”
“Father! No! I must be able to do something!” Leafpool meowed desperately, and Lionblaze felt a pang of sympathy for his mother, no matter how many secrets she had kept from him. Firestar fixed his dying green gaze on his daughter. “There is nothing you can do. I was outnumbered. I came because StarClan sent me a dream that I should come.”
“Outnumbered?” asked Graystripe, his voice filled with pain, ”Firestar, there’s no one else here!”
“Not now, old friend. But before there were many, shadowy beings, not only Sol. They overpowered me. And now I go to rest, but before I sleep, I must tell each of you something. Graystripe, thank you for everything.” Firestar’s eyes were glazed with a mixture of the haze of death and tears. “We have been through so much, ever since the start.”
“Sandstorm,” Firestar called, and so much pain and love was in his voice Lionblaze could not bear the sound. “I love you more than anyone could ever dream. You are my world.” Sandstorm bowed her head and said nothing through the tears that choked her throat.

☆Myra/Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

[Part Two]

“Brambleclaw, I might not have started out as your biggest fan, but I know now that you are nothing like your father. Lead the Clan well.”
“I will try.”
“Thank you. Squirrelflight, and Leafpool, you are as beautiful cats that I could ever have dreamed of. Squirrelflight, use your fiery energy well. And Leafpool,” Firestar looked at the former medicine cat. “Whatever crimes you think you have committed are forgiven. There may be boundaries between the Clans, but there are none in love.”
“Dad,” Squirrelflight whispered, “Don’t leave me.” “I must, my daughter. Tell Cloudtail I am proud of him.” Squirrelflight took this in, but crouched speechless next to her father.
“Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing. The three.” Firestar studied them with an intensity worthy of his name. “How long I have waited for you. I can say only this: use your gifts wisely and follow your hearts.” Lionblaze felt a lump in his throat.
“And Cinderheart,” Firestar addressed the gray she-cat. “From the moment I saw you I suspected who you really were.”
“Who I what?”
“Do not stray from your path, though it may be cold, know that I was proud to be your mentor, for such a short time.”
“My mentor? But-“
Firestar blinked his green eyes. “My time has come,” he rasped. “I love you all. Goodbye, for now.” The great leader’s flank stilled, and his green eyes closed for the last time.
A yowl rent the air as Sandstorm threw back her head and howled. Some cats, Lionblaze couldn’t tell whom, joined in, but he just stood in silence, staring at his grandfather’s lifeless body.
No cat knew how long this grief-mangled scene went on, but at last voices grew hoarse, and disbelieving eyes blinked. “Come on,” Brambleclaw said quietly, “Let us bear him back to camp.”
“His death is avenged. Sol is dead.” All eyes turned onto the black pelted she-cat standing before them. There was an intake of breath all around, and as Lionblaze stared the second time of the night in disbelief, he heard his mother’s cry wrench the air, and the world as he knew it, apart.

☆Myra/Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

Oooo MadiShea, that's so good! I think you got the concept 'short story' better than I did lol

☆Myra/Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

And I did get that Firestar died :)

Seastar said...

I like them both :) They are really good!!

♥Warriors101♥ said...

Awesome! I'll do it! :)

"Sent out a patrol, Brambleclaw!" Firestar instructed his deputy. The tabby nodded and Brambleclaw called out three warriors.
"Graystripe, Hazeltail and Brightheart, were going on a border patrol!" The three warriors nodded and headed towards him.
"Wait, I'll come too." Firestar shook his pelt and got up. Brambleclaw nodded and headed towards the entrance of the camp.
"Lets go"

As the headed through the dense forest, some twigs cracked.
"A thrush?" Hazeltail suggested. Brightheart shrugged her shoulders and headed towards the sound.
"Be careful!" Firestar warned. Moments later, she appeared with a grim face.
"Twolegs" She muttered.
"Little ones, or big ones?" Hazeltail asked. Brightheart thought for a moment.
"They were kind of medium sized...I guess, and they had rocks." Firestar growled.
"I should have known, their scent is all around her now! Lets head back to camp and warn the others." But it was too late. The twolegs had found the clan cats hiding spot and were throwing their arms back to throw something. "Run!" Firestar hissed just as they started to pelt rocks and them. They heard a twoleg barking orders, and then panting came. "DOGS!" Firestar started to run faster towards his patrol.
"Wait! Its a dead-end!" He heard Brighthearts desperate cry. Firestar shook his head. Where all of his clan mates, including himself, going to make it out here alive?

Firestar soon caught up with them, but so did the dogs. "Ok, we only have little time left, we have to think of something, in a hurry!"
"We could try climbing the rocks...." Brambleclaw suggested. Firestar shook his head.
"Too risky we might-" He wasn't able to finish his sentence. The dogs were in sight! "GO!" He pushed Brightheart up the rock and she grabbed hold of some of the nooks, and only slid down a few times.
"Quick! Firestar, go" Brambleclaw let him get through.
"No. Go! Now! I'll be alright...." Soon Hazeltail got over and Brambleclaw looked sadly at Firestar but kept on going. Just as Brambleclaw was about to jump off the rock and safely to the other side, the dogs rounded at Firestar. He was about to leap down and help his leader, but Brightheart pulled him down.
"Too risky!" She screeched at him. There was growls and hisses as the patrol waited in fear, but then, nothing. They heard the dogs march away and the scrambled over the rock in a frenzy.
"FIRESTAR!" Brambleclaw yowled. The toms ginger fur was red with blood, and his was ice cold.
"He has joined StarClan...." Hazeltail sighed sadly.
"My StarClan light his path" They all murmured and carried their leaders body back to camp.


Lol, nice topic XD Hope you like!!

MadiShae said...

Warriors101, Myra, those were good. An thanks.

Seastar said...

I like them :)

✧Link Kitten✧ (soon to sign in!) said...

ok, I'll try! But it probably won't b very good...

Firestar raced after the rabbit. It ran around, through the leaves. Suddenly, Firestar stopped. He was VERY far into ShadowClan territory. He ran back over the border, just as a patrol walked out. Firestar raced back to camp

~~~~~at camp in the battle of evilness~~~~~~~

Firestar was pinned under Blackstar's tight grip. ShadowClan warriors pounced all around them. "Prepare to die, Firestar." Blackstar growled between his teeth. He grabbed Firestar's neck and held on. He waited and waited. Brightheart and Cloudtail jumped on Blackstar and tried to get him off, but Blackstar wouldn't budge. Slowly, the life left Firestar. He dropped to the ground. Blackstar gasped. "I...have done...what I do." He coughed. "I will have one life after this." He crumpled to the ground, loosing a life.



Cinderpaw11 said...

Kinda goes with my story The Last Chapter...

Here's the link: