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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun Facts!

*In "Into The Wild" there is an Ashfur in the ShadowClan elders (ShadowClan)
*In the first series some cats had multiple mates and then this stopped. The Erins have said that it is bad role modeling for us.
*Crowfeathers eyes like to change color (WindClan)
*Mistystars son is Reedwhisker and he is deputy (RiverClan)
*Rowanclaw is ShadowClans deputy (ShadowClan)
*Heavystep never dies (RiverClan)
*Tawnypelts original color was a tan color. (ShadowClan, ThunderClan)
*Stormfur was in love with Squirrelflight. (ThunderClan, RiverClan)
*Nightstar never recieved his 9 lives (ShadowClan)
*Onewhisker and Firestar used to be best friends (ThunderClan, WindClan)
*Firestar has 3 lives left as of Fading Echoes. (ThunderClan)
*Hollyleaf is stil alive and possibly meeting Tigerheart (ThunderClan,ShadowClan)
*Dovepaw could be in love with Tigerheart (ThunderClan, ShadowClan)
*Ivypaw is being trained by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost (ThunderClan, Dark Forest)
*Russetfur is dead (ShadowClan)
*Lionblaze is possibly in love with Cinderheart (ThunderClan)
* A WindClan cat named Mothflight discovered the moonstone and became the first medicine cat in the Clans. (WindClan)
Hope you enjoyed those facts!


♥Warriors101♥ said...

I found out that Heavystep actually died TWICE lol

Seastar said...

Haha!! But he still ends up coming back lol

Deathstar said...

Cool facts!

Seastar said...

Thanks! =D

☪Dreamstar said...

Firestar has THREE lives left. It was confirmed by the Authors a while back that they made a mistake in Firestar's Quest when they said "6 lives left." He actually had EIGHT. So he has THREE left as of Fading Echoes. That was confirmed by the authors.

Seastar said...

Dang they are all over the place with his livess

☆Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

I know! Can't he just die already?

OHMYSTARCLAN I found something HILARIOUS on YouTube. It's a Warriors spoof:


Seastar said...

Yeah i know right? He seriously needs to just.. die! Lol im gonna watch the youtbe thing

Seastar said...

Haha that was funny! 8 up!

☆Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

lol I know!

But anyways, I know he's the Erins' first main character or whatev, but his time is WAY past. Plus, Bramblestar is an awesome name!!!! ^.^ AND, this would be very good for plot lines, since Brambleclaw is Tigerstar's son, and Tigerstar could control Thunderclan through him, so there could be a lot of suspense there.

Seastar said...

Yess! Firestar should be an elder :| And Brambeclaw seriously needs to become Bramblestar :)

Icewind said...

sweet :)

Seastar said...

Thanks Icewind :)

☆Akire/Skyheart☆ said...

I don't think Firestar should become an elder because of his commitment to his clan, but once he dies Sandstorm should retire & Graystripe or Brackenfur should be deputy.
And I have a question: can a leader lose a life of old age? If so, what happens when he/she is on his/her next life? Are they younger?

Seastar said...

No no i mean if he was still a warrior he would be an elder. Umm actually for your second question i have no clue at all

♦♥Alado♥♦ said...

When Firestar dies its gonna be so sad :( But Bramblestar needs to be leader.

♦♥Alado♥♦ said...

I think Lionblaze should be with Cinderheart. Since Cinderpelt loved Firestar. And Lionblaze is Firestar's grandson who just happens to be a ginger tabby and who happens to attract the same Cinder. xD

Seastar said...

I totally agree. I cant wait for Firestar to be gone XD

Moonfrost said...

wait, cinderpelt was in love with firestar? i never knew that. I'm so oblivious sometimes.

Icestar said...

Yeah its kind been hinted