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Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi y'all! I'm back! I've been busy but I good. Me and Icestar have a blog togetha:D Check it out mkay???

:::About EOTB:::
We are friendly, random, and awesome!!! Colorfully awesome, this blog is about friendship and being yourself. It is also a design blog, so feel free to order! Tons of awesome emoticons to mess with on our neon-colored c-box:) We hope you follow our blog and order and we are good friends of G+L or otherwise known to me and Icestar, Goldenstream and Lilypetal. Lily is a good friend of ours and Goldenstream is just super bright and bubbly! We have Freebies (i ♥ making them so we have plenty!!!) we will be throwing contests soon!!Spread the word about Eye of The Beholders!!!! We call it Ayame for short. That means iris in Japanese;D So visit us!! have a blast and be awesome!!!

Peace out, Stari:D


Ivoryleaf said...

Starleaf? Seastar? I'm sorry if I did anything wrong, but lpease let me onto Rainclan.

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

You didnt do anything wrong. I had to delete all of my Clans T_T


Deathstar said...

I iz backs! I'm sorry I haven't been on for a while... -curses school-

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

I know what you mean deathstar! Its the same for me *sigh*