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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long Time No See!

Hello Everyone! Long time no see! Im SOOO sorry. School has kept me so very bsy but im goingto try to make time for my blog so here goes nothing!!

~Fifth OOTS Book Will Be Called- The Forgotten Warrior! (I think it will be about Hollyleaf!)
~Ivypaw will be Ivypool named after Vicky's friends daughter!
~ We will see thetribe in Sign Of The Moon!
~ Tigerstr will kill someone(Firestar is who im hoping :3 but I hope he doesnt kill Bramble!)
~ Firestars death scene has been written (Woohoo!)
~ Blackstar and Russetfur were about the same age
~ Firestar wont die in Nigh Whispers (Sad Facee)
~Ivypaw continues to be taught by Tigerstar an Hawkfrost

They need to get the Browse nsie out! Well enjoy!:D


Palesparrow said...

Sorry, quick correction. The 5th OOTS is going to be called The Forgotten Warrior, not lost.
Sorry, I hate to correct you, I just don't want fans to be confused.

Really? I think it means Mapleshade, but you might be right.

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

OPPS! Lol sorry My Bad! Let me go fix that. Quick typig sometimes doesnt work the best(: I think its Hollyleaf because by now everyoneis starting to forget abut her, surely if she was dead wouldnt they be speaking more of her?

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...


Akire Flickerclaw said...

I *really* don't want Tigerstar to kill Firestar. I agree that it is time for him to die (!!!) but I don't like the idea of him being ultimately defeated by his first enemy. I feel like he should be killed by Sol (O.o Sol=scary scary scary sketchy *hides behind Lionblaze*)

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

Hahaha I never took Sol as a murderer. Just someone who got another cat to do his dirty work. Maybe if Hollyleaf is alive he will influence her into doing it.

Amme said...

Yeah i know sol is a lazy bum!!!

I am so sad Firestar dies... but i'm kinda glad, he's like ancient history now. But still, the story started with him, if he had died early it would have ruined the series. I'm probably going to cry... i always cry at books. It would be so lame if he got killed by tigerstar! i'm sorry, but it would be absolutely so... wrong. Your right Akire Flickerclaw!!!

Hawkfrost is so sketchy... the funny thing is i always pictured him as really good-looking lol. How else could he have influenced Ivypaw so quick? Omg *hides behind Lionblaze too... move over Akire lol :)*

I bet Lionblaze is really good-looking too!!!


Amme said...

I hope ivypaw becomes good in the end :)

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

Lol ive lways had the vision of Hawkfrost being the guy to get all of the girlsXD Yeah i want Ivypaw to become good too

Amme said...

i know!!! she was so young to turn evil... :( i hope dovepaw kicks the mushrooms out of her when she finds out lol. But i bet lionblaze is waaaaay cuter than hawkfrost. i mean the whole evilness thing kinds of turns you off lol.

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

Lol! I always imagine them as anime characters! Like Lionblaze is this cute hero with golden hair and glden eys (Edward!;3) ad Hawkfrost is more like Stephan out ofVampire Diaries. Cinderheart is this preppy innocent girl in my brainXD

Amme said...

Preppy!!!!!! lol

Sorreltail said...

Why are you so happy that Firestars dieing? I love firestar!

Anonymous said...

Sorreltail, it looks like your on my side! I know that this is a pretty old post but im reviewing since i havent looked for a while. I cant believe you all want firestar to die! He was like, the start of everything!