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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Night Wispers Spoilers

-Yellowfang might've been able to stop the battle (Shadow vs. Thunder)
- Bluestar wants the Clans to join forces
- Mudclaw went to StarClan
- Briarlight has a chest infection
- A whole bunch of cats are being trained in the Dark Forest
- Not everyone knows who really killed Ashfur
- Lionblaze wants Cinderheartto be more than a friend
- Dovepaw finds out that Ivypaw is being trained
- A mysterious dead squirrel was found outside of the camp by Molekit and Cherrykit
- Flametail POV starts at chapter 6


Amme said...

-not sure what to think
-so do i
-how is that possible? can't beleive he was good all that time...
-OMG nooooo!!!!
-knew that
-knew that too
-knew that too, but omg so cute!!
-maybe it died of fear of Tigerstar! he still scares me he's so insane
-oh joy. Flametail's so awesome

Peace to you all


☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

Lol this was all in the BrowseInside:D


Anonymous said...

Noo but hollyleaf is my fav character. and I luvz her so much and stuff