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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Release

Okay today is The 24th we all know what that is! Sadly im not getting the book until Christmas so someone please inform me after they get done reading it. I have posted alot because of school and im always so busy sorry ill try to keep this updated. I need to get my popularity back up. I will try to find the best stuff on the web and post it for yall. KK Also if you havent seen so already Sorrelpaw has started to post again so you might wanna check her blog for any other information. Im am going to put up the polls momentarily! :)


Buzz Girl said...

I just got the new book, and Dovepaw is DEFINITELY the ONE. She isnt too happy about it though. She is also chosen, along with Lionblaze, to go see what is causing the lake to dry up. Firestar lets her go because she saw beavers blocking the stream by ShadowClan with their dam. That's all ive read so far, ill post mor comments soon!
Buzz Girl

Rainstar said...

Thank you I cant wait til christmas now! :)

Buzz Girl said...

No problem Rainstar.
Buzz Girl

Buzz Girl said...

O and I forgot...
Dovepaw's special power is seeing and hearing things far away.