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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Possible Spoilers for Oots2

1. Leafpool dies protecting Icecloud cause she knows how much Lionblaze loves her.
2. Onestar and Blackstar kill Firestar.
3.Squirrelflight runs away and might not return.
4. Sandstorm becomes an Elder out of depression.
5. Brackenfur or Graystripe become leader.
6. Lionblaze killed Leopardstar.
7. Brambleclaw is Crippled. :(
8. Crowfeather shows no emotion for leafpool.
Dont believe me go to and read the second comment submitted by Warriors101.
Hope you enjoyed :)!


★Silverstar★ said...

1: Even though I'm not Leafpool's biggest fan, that's REALLY sad! I hate to sound this way, but I guess that takes care of the problem of her having nowhere to go.

2: Blackstar was expected, but ONESTAR?! How dare he, after all Firestar did for him!!!

3: Hmm... No important comment. That's sad and all, but I'm personally am not going to care that much.

5: YES! At least Brambleclaw is out of the running. Graystripe should become leader. Sorreltail is my second choice, then Brackenfur. My guess is that Graystripe makes Lionblaze his deputy because he's Firestar's kin.

6: I'm not fond of him at all, but GO LIONBLAZE! Just for this once I'm really proud of him. Now Mistyfoot can become leader!

7: YAY! Maybe he'll just move to the elder's den or something. At least he won't be becoming leader!

8: Well, that's just annoying! I kind of hope that Crowfeather gets killed in battle. That would solve a lot of problems I think. Another question to bring up is how are things going with him and Nightcloud? Are they still mates? Probably not is my guess.

Hmm, so Lionblaze DOES love Icecloud! WOW, I JUST HAD A THOUGHT! What if... What if Dovepaw and Ivypaw get killed by the end of the series and one of Lionblaze's kits become part of the prophecy? Just a thought.

I can't wait for the new books to come out! It's already marked on my calenders.


Buzz Girl said...

I think this is sooooo sad. I dont want any of that to happen...especially the firestar being murdered part.
Buzz Girl

Wildflower said...

I don't want Leafpool to die!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! *Cries 4 like 2 hours at least*

Rainstar said...

I dont know if any of this is true BUT it is fact that LeopardstarWILL die in the next book. I was lucky enough last night to get an early Christmas gift praticly because i begged. I was up til 1 am in the morning reading the book and finished it and i infer that this is going to be the best series ever!!! :)

Anonymous said...

LEAFPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! DON"T DIE!!!!!!
FIRESTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!DON"T DIE!!!!!!
stupid crowfeather

Anonymous said...

lol glowstream wow
i didnt know about lionblaze and icecloud! i thought it was lion and cinder!! but they're not mates anymore so maybe something happens...
crowfeather is being an idiot! nightcloud too!
wow so many cats are getting crippled

Anonymous said...

I have some questions/theories/facts/opinions:
**lol glowstream**

1.ICECLOUD?!?! What happnd to lionblaze and cinderheart?

2. Im not surprised at Blackstar. But onestar?? Onestar really OWES him cuz firestar helped him become leader

3.I don't really care because she changed for the worse.

4.Maybe depression is caused by firestar's death???

5.Im going with brackenfur

6.Not true. Leopardstar dies from a mix of age,and sickness. Lionblaze kills russetfur (shadowclan deputy) in a battle.

7.How?? Maybe a "monster"?