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Friday, July 16, 2010

SkyClans Destiny Spoilers

The Browse-Inside for this book was just recently released. I have read it and I think this is going to be really interesting!
Leafstar could be a bit more strict in the way she gives orders but she is compassionate and caring. She is an excellent leader.
Near the end of chapter 5 the loners that helped Firestar and Sandstorm when they got sperated show up (Stick Cora Coal and Shorty). They are interested in Clan life and were wondering if Leafstar could show them a few things.
Coal goes with Echosong to the medicine cat den because he is interested in learning about herbs.
Leafstar and Echosong dreamed the same dream where they heard Spiderstar and Brackenheart talking. They say that SkyClan has to find "Deeper roots" if it is to survive.
There is a lot of arguing throughout the Clan on how soe cats thing they have ancestors from SkyClan. These cats who think this tant the others. Sagepaw dislocated his leg by falling off of a cliff because of this. Leafstar soon sorts this problem out and everyone is working together as a clan again.
There are som cats who are daylight-warriors meaning that they are warriors by day and kittypets at night.


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