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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Clans and Important Message


These Clans are both well developed and people come on everyday. They just need more members. RainClan is my Clan and LightningClan is my friend Starry's Clan. Please join.

Important Message
Does anyone even come on here anymore? On my last few posts there werent any comments at all. I was just wondering.


MadiShae said...

I do, but your lucky. N one has commented in a month except you and no one joined my contest.


☆Akire/Skyheart/Kayana☆ said...

I come on!

♥Warriors101♥ said...

meeee toooo!!

Ryan said...

there seems to be nothing i feel that needs my input but yeah i come here like everyday seeing if theres a new post.

Anonymous said...

I come on sometimes but i'll admit not as much as I used too. I guess I've aged. I'm 13 now. Warriors is a little young for me, but I'll check back more often now!!!

Seastar said...

Madi Shae: I didnt understand the contest:( I love your blog btw:)
Skyheart: Thanks(:
Warriors101: Thankerz!:)
Ryan: Yeah i know there is never anything to post about so i make due with what i can find
Anonymous: Yeah i know what'cha mean..


I think i need to make an award for my followers what do ya all think?

MadiShae said...


Seastorm said...

I dont get AnY comments on most of my post! :P and people say they visit my site