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Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Warrior Stuff and Night Whispers Theroies

Okay so the Erins are starting the Crookedstar Super Edition timeline and getting together parts for the actual story. Its been said that this takes place sometime around when Bluestars prophecy takes place. Personally i love the super editions like this that go back to the older cats.

Also if you want to see the cover for Sign of the Moon visit:
The release date for this is 4/5/11 (Info from the link above)

Therories for Night Whispers
1. Cinderheart and Lionblaze become mates. I think this is very possible because in Fading Echoes they were growing close. Lionblaze even thought "There is nothing wrong with being with Cinderheart she is all ThunderClan" (Not exact words but a paraphase)

2.Hollyleaf returns. There have been signs that she is still alive, like when Jayfeather smells the scent that is familiar to him but unfamiliar to him at the same time. He discovers this in the area where Tigerheart was. Hmm if you ask me it sounds like Hollyleaf and Tigerheart may be meeting. Also Jayfeather felt as if he were being watched

3.ShadowClan holds ThunderClan responsible for the death of Russetfur. Though this IS true it isnt really Lionblaze's fault that she died, i mean she was too old and should've been an elder. This could lead to more battles between the two rival Clans and right now where the Dark Forest is preparing to attack that isnt a good thing.

4.While i was writing #3 i though this: What if Tigerstar trains all of the ShadowClan cats to be on their side. Mabye this is why Flametail is a main character? I mean its very possible. If a whole Clan is being trained to be evil we would need a good cat a medicine cat like Flametail to be there. Also Tawnypelt Dawnpelt and Flametail might go to ThunderClan im not sure aout Tigerheart though.

5.Jayfeather has to find another way to communicate with Rock. Its possible that he could stumble over another hole and have it lead to the nder water river. Rock could give Jayfeather a lot of information, possibly more than StarClan could give him for that matter.


MadiShae said...


1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Probably
4. No
5. Maybe

My thoughts.

☆Akire/Skyheart/Kayana☆ said...

#1: I hope so! (LIONxCINDER ROX!)
#2: Probably
#3: undecided
#4: maybe, but probably not
#5: yes

Seastar said...

Thanks for the feed back!:)


Bubbles said...

1. Maybe- they aren't very close yet, i would give it at least one more book.
2. detente yes,the signs add up, so if she shows up, i am not going to be surprised. I have a guess, the only reason that hollyleaf would be seeing tigerheart, would be that they both were training in the dark forest.
3. yes, shadowclan is like that, they love any reason to jump into battle.
4. That could very well be true, but in my opinion leaders do not like dark forest cats, and many cats stay with their leaders, well what ever happens, tawnypelt will NOT join her father again!
5. maybe, this one is very hard to know 'cause Jayfeather shows signs of wanting to hear from rock, but breaking the stick was a sign of disrespect, and if rock takes that the wrong way, they will never communicate again.
P.S these are my thoughts

Seastar said...

I hope Holly does show up!:D


Ryan said...

i heard that icecloud was gonna end up being lionblazes mate but i dont know where that idea came from


Seastar said...

I dont think so. I think that is just a false rumor going around. Lionblaze and Icecloud dont even talk.


MadiShae said...

Yeah, I think that's pretty stupid. So much, just at the though, I hate Icecloud now. ;)

Seastar said...

Yeah i dont like Icecloud either anymore i use to but not noww


☆Akire/Skyheart/Kayana☆ said...


Amme said...

1. YES YES YES!!!!! They are so vute together!!!! I am a diehard romantic :)
2. I don't know if this is a good thing but I think it will happen. Maybe the dark forest are helping her survive in the tunnel?
3. I liked Russetfur!!! I don't know how she died though. ShadowClan shouldn't blaame Lionblaze
4. No chance. Right?!
5. I dunno

Seastar said...

Cinder and Lion all the way!:) ShadowClan are so stupid for blaming poor Lionblaze all he did was pull her off lol