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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crookedstar's Promise

The title was comfirmed as Crookedstr's Promise on Kates blog. This is suposed to be based on why Crookedstar allowed the forbidden love between RiverClan and ThunderClan.

Crookedstar was in love with Bluestar so he felt that if he punished other cats for falling in lve with a ThunderClan cat he would have to punish him self.

-Willowbreeze was Crookedstars mate and Silverstreams mother
-Mapleshade is a cruel tortise shell she cat that is motivated by revenge
-RiverClan point of veiw (kinda obviousXD)

Not So Sure On
-Shellheart or Lilystem? Which will Become the mother of Crookedstar and Oakheart?

Stuff We Will Find Out
-Other reasons why Thistleclaw went to the dark forest
-What happened to Graypools real kit


Feather said...

Well I know that Lilystem is the mother cause in the Bluestar's prophecy it said her name and Shellheart is a tom cat.

Dream Chaser said...

Thristleclaw went to the Dark Forest beacuse...
1) He killed Bluestar (her killed her 2 times)
2) He taught his appentice (Tigerstar) to kill any cat that trespassed
3) He disobeys the warrior code

and those are the reasons

Icestar said...

When did he kill Bluestar two times??!!

Akire Flickerclaw said...

I could totally tell that Crookedstar had a crush on Bluestar. When they met at the Gathering it was pretty obvious ;)

Dream Chaser said...

OMG! Have you read Bluestar's Prophecy because in it, it saws that Thristleclaw did!

Icestar said...

Yeah ive read it

Icepaw said...

I think Mappleshade liked Crookedstar but instead he choose Willow(something)