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Monday, September 6, 2010

Moonstars Nine Lives

Moonfire padded through the dark forest. She had to go to the Moon River to recieve her nine lives IceClan needs me now more than ever. She thought. Behind her padded IceClans medicine cat, Embertail.
"Moonfire, we are almost there" Embertail whispered.
Moonfire pointed her ears to where she could here a river gently flowing through the forest "If only Blazestar were here.." Moonfire sighed
Embertail look over at her and spoke quietly, "Moonfire I know your secret. He loved you and trust me, Laurelpaw will one day find the truth and she wont be angry," Her meow was soft and her eyes were full ofunderstanding
"How did you know?!" Monfire gasped in shock
"Moonfire im a medicine cat!" She giggled "I have my ways, but we are ere now. Its time for the ceremony to begin"
Moonstar padded forward and took a small lap of the water, which tasted of frosty stars, she quickly fell asleep. When she awoke she was in the middle of a grassy clearing surrounded by tall trees. Starry shapes came down and foormed into cats. Thousands of them were gathered around her.
"Welcome Moonfire" Moonfire looked up to see a beautiful white she cat with eerie blue eyes.
"Snowdrift" Moonfire dipped her head to the former deputy who had died of Green cough a few seasons ago.

"I strip you of your old life so you may start over with your new one" Snowdrift meowed. "With this life I give you strengh so that you may fight off the challenges you may face" Snowdrift rested her muzzle on Moonfires head and a jolt of pain shot through her. She could feel her breathing getting shallower and she felt as if she couldnt breathe another. Suddenly the pain began to fade and she could breathe again

A light brown tabby tom was padding forward. "Fawngaze!" Moonfire purred happily but he kept on going with the ceremony
"With this life I give you Compassion" Fawngaze meowed he gently sat his head on hers. A jolt of excitement ran through her and it faded into a gentle wamness. "Congradulations" Fawngaze purred before he walked away.

This time, Firepool the old IceClan medicine cat, came forward. "With this life I give you Wisdom. Use it to make the right choices" He put his head on hers and she could feel all of his wisdom rush into her. He nodded and went back to join the Starry ranks of his Clan members.

A pretty silver tabby came forward known as Willowmoon "Mother!" Moonfire purred her fluffy tail curling up. Willowmoon touched her muzzle to her daughters head and said "With this life I give you Speed. Use it to run from and face those who are a danger to your Clan." Moonfire felt a jolt of energ go through her. She thought she could run the whole world and never get tired. "Be strong little one" Her mother whispered and licked her ear.

A little Golden tom stepped out of the ranks and wobbled forward "Flarekit.. Im so sorry I couldnt save you I tried my best!" The kit had gotten verly curious one day and had walked out of camp. He couldnt out run the eagle that got him and Moonfire coulnt jump high enough to save him. "I dont blame you Moonfire. My curiosity killed me in the nd, but curiosity isnt always a bad thing. It leads to great discoveries" He meowed wisely. He stood on his back legs and touched her muzzle "With this life I give you Curiosity. Use it to discover new things to help the Clan" A jolt of intrest shot through Moonfire. Flarekit went back and joined his Starry ancestors.

Foxtail stepped out next "With this life I give you Loyalty to what is right" He touched his head to hers and she felt a jolt of pain.. the pain of being torn between two things. "Im proud of you little sister" He whispered before joining Willowmoon.

A pretty long legged Golden she cat came forward. "With this life i give you Intelligence. Think before you act" She saw images flash by of leaders thinking hard and long over a descision that would affect the whole Clan. "Thanks Goldenflare" She meowed. The Golden she at nodded and padded away

Moonfire looked around to see who was next and saw her young sister, Flowerpaw, bounding her way. "With this life I give you Justice. Use it to judge those you may not know fairly" A bolt of pain went through her body as she fet unfair descisions being made against her. "I miss you Flowerpaw" Moonfire said. "I miss you too" Flowerpaw said before going to sit beside Willowmoon and Foxtail.

A big golden tom with blak spots emerged fromthe starry group "Blazestar!" She finally got to see her long lost love. He nodded and sat his head on hers. "With this life I give it love. Share it equally among your Clan mates" Expecting this lfe to be pleasant, she wasnt ready for the jolt of energy that came from it. She felt the feirceness that a mothe would have to protect her kits and the feirceness of how much two cats could love each other. It all settled into a warm tingly feeling. "Our kit will grow up to be a very worthy warrior. One day when she is ready for the truth she will know her mother really is" Blazestar licked her head

"Your old life is no more! Your new name will be Moonstar, leader of IceClan! Defend your Clan well for they depend on you" Blazestar yowled to the cats in the clearing. Power echoing all around

"Moonstar! Moonstar! Moonstar!" They Starry figured jumped to their paws and all of their yowls combined into one powerful yowl, full of joy and goodness. "We wih you well." It sounded as if millions of voices had suddenly become one. They started to disappear and Moonstar woke up.

"Welcome Moonstar" Embertails friendly meow greeted her as she awoke

(Hope you like it! Moonfires original name was Moonpool but umm yeah lol)


Moonfrost said...

Wow that was really good, you're super talented, it would have taken me forever to write that. Maybe you could write other stories about the same cats. I would defenitely read thoose too. Good Job.

Icestar said...

Thanks:D This is part of my Iceclan saga:) Moonstar is like me in so many waysXD I will deff write more:)


Akire Flickerclaw said...

That was very good, I think I'll do a short story about one of my clan's leaders: not nine lives, but maybe about when they were a warrior.

Icestar said...

:D Okay!