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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Warrior Name

Okay you know how Icepaw wanted her warrior name to be Icestorm (i think she did or it was other people who wanted it to be) i just took the thingy on on what your warrior name was and it was icestorm. I thought it was weird!


★Silverstar★ said...

Icepaw never mentioned wanting her name to be Icestorm, so I don't know where that came from.


Wildflower said...

But she does mention it. Sadly, it was confirmed by Sorrelpaw and Icestorm here that Icepaw's warrior name would be Icecloud. I find it funny. FernCLOUD and IceCLOUD,her daughter! Their warrior names both end with "cloud."

Rainstar said...

Yeah i know i was thinking the exact same thing ya i like icestorm better though

★Silverstar★ said...

I'm almost positive that she never mentions it. Foxpaw mentions wanting to be called Foxcatcher, but Icepaw never did.

Icecloud and Icestorm are both awesome warrior names, but there should be a tom named Icestorm. Icecloud fits her better.;)


Rainstar (not logged in) said...

yeah i think it does too