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Friday, September 11, 2009

Crowxleaf or Crowxnight?

Personally i think he is better with Leapool. They belong together. Nightcloud is okay and all but she is possesive and ungrateful. She doesnt deserve Crowfeather at ALL!!! Who agrees and who doesnt agree?



★Silverstar★ said...

I take pity on Nightcloud. Just think of all the pain it must bring her to know that the cat she loves completely ignores her and her son!

Crowfeather is the real one at fault. If he didn't love Nightcloud, he shouldn't have taken her as a mate! Gee! Now he has kits in two Clans! And you know, I am wondering if Nightcloud will even like him anymore now that she knows about his ThunderClan kits. She knows about Leafpool, but Leafpool's kits may be too much for her. Her and Breezepelt! Crowfeather has gotten himself into a huge mess.

Nightcloud has a right to be sore at Crowfeather. He betrayed her. He pretended to love her when his real love was in ThunderClan. I'm not Nightcloud's biggest fan, but she needs some sympathy after all Crowfeather has done to her.


Rainstar said...

Yeah i geuss thats true i feel sorry for Breezepelt though. Crowfeather completely ignores him but pays attention to Hollyleaf Lionblaze and Jayfeather. I cant feel that sorry for Nightcloud though she is ungrateful she is the only one of crowfeatehrs mates that starclan hasnt killed.

Delaney said...


★Silverstar★ said...

Feathertail is dead.


Rainstar said...

Ya FeatherxCrow is forever but right now while alive Go Leafxcrow 4ever

Goldenstream said...

yeah. LEAF+CROW!!!!!!!!!

Delaney said...

You know, you still need to shrink the header

Rainstar said...

Okay ill go shrink it now Featherxcrow 4 ever and leafxcrow 4 ever

Breezewillow said...


Breezewillow said...

I'm raelly wildflower just so u know, k?

Rainstar said...

Yes leafxcrow definitely

Breezewillow said...


Rainstar said...

ya me 2

shadeheart said...

the cats ungratefulness sends her to the dark forset at night were there are no stars the place of no stars is where she will be when she dies if she dosent start to be more grateful soon cause thats she will belong with no other cats but the ones that frighten her to stand by her side and to always be there watching. leafpoolxcrowfeather4ever. leafpool is still in the clan she just a warrior now. my warrior name is shadeheart by the way

Deanna said...

It's Crowfeather's fault! If Crowfeahter didn't love Leafpool, then Leafpool wouldn't have kits! Jayfeather, Lionheart and Hollyleaf found out that Squirrelflight was not there mother.....Poor Leafpool! She used to love being a Med. Cat.....but stuipid Crowfeather came around and crushed that life! Oh, Because Hollyleaf said everything at the gathering, Leafpool had to be a warrior..............crap you Crofeather!..........Oh, this is a spoiler:

LIONBLAZE CHOSE ICEPAW FOR A MATE! And Firestar ends up dieing in the omen of the stars series!

P.S.: Nightcloud is a stuipid cat that is too serious and she is dumb like a cow with no brain! Nightcloud=The stuipid cat in the world....she sucks!!!!

-Skystar ( Not skyclan's leader...I am leader Of reflectionclan! )

Deanna said...

Blazekit's story:

We Reflectionclan cats find it hard to catch even a wif of prey during the winter. Two of our Warriors died from hunger. One day, Crystalclan came and offered us a deal...

Crystalstar: We heard that you need prey, right? Well, we will hunt all the prey we can get and give it to you....for a healthy kit!

Reflectionstar: What? A kit?! We do need food...but...........o can take Blazekit. He is the only kit that is very healthy.....

Crystalstar: Thankyou, Reflectionstar. Laserflash, go fetch it for me.

Laserflash: Ok. Be right back.

Blazekit: Meow! Meow! Meow! Wlet mwe gwo!

Laserflash: Here, Crystalstar!

Crystalstar: Thankyou. we are going now. We will be back with alot of prey, Reflectionstar.


Back at Crystalclan....

Blazekit: Welp!Welp! Wammy Welp!

Crystalstar: It is time we throw this kit out into the cold, leaving it to die!

Crystalclan Cats: YEAH! YEAH!

Blazekit: No! Welp! Welp!

Moonstripe: Lets pick him up by the scruff.

Laserflash: Ok.

They grabbed Blazekit and dragged it into the snow. Then Moonstripe pushed Blazekits head into the snow with her paw and held it there.

Moonstripe: Kill him, Laserflash.

Laserflash bites down on the kits spinalcord and snaps it.

In starclan...

Blazekit: Where am I? Welp! Welp!

Flashstar: Hush, tiny kit. YOu are safe now. From now on you will be known as Blazeheart.

The end! Comment about it and tell me if it is good!

Deanna said...

Gravity of love- Warrior cats

By: Allikatnya

Turn around and smell what you don't see...

Close your eyes its so clear...

heres the mirror...behind there is a screen...

there is both ways to get in....

what to be....

everything to be....

its just a question to us all.......

So on.....

in the eye of storm youll see a lonely dove

and thee experiance of tommoreow is the key...

to the gravity of love!

( Oakheart: The only thing that can hurt me being apart from you..)


Deanna said...

s uper stition
k klan = clan
y outh= strong and younge
s trong
t ail
a s strong as a t-rex
r reflection clan

Deanna said...


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hollyshine said...

i loved leafxcrow, but they are in different clans. they can't follow their hearts and be together if it goes against the warrior code. crowfeather should pay attention to nightcloud and his son now. it's cruel how he ignores them. breezepelt is turning into a monster and it's because his father never showed him any love.
yes i think leafxcrow were meant to be. only leafpool (and feathertail) were able to bring out crowfeather's soft side. but alas, it cannot be. they will never be together. if only leafpool could go back to being medicine cat. she dreamed of being a medicine cat since she was a kit.

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Join my friend's clan!! :D

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Hollyleaf lover said...

sorry you forgot feathertail

(leafpool is a seedhead and nightcloud is a retarded snapping turtle)

Anonymous said...

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