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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hollyleaf IS alive!!!!!!!!

This is how i know in sunrise Lionblaze had to hold Jayfeather down and LIonblaze said " There is no wayy we can follow her in!" so they couldnt follow her in so that means she could still be alive so this brings on other therories what if she kills firestar or what if her and sol get together and take over the forest or what if she rejoins the clan? there are alot of questions that need to be answered! i hope we will know them soon!!!!!!!


Wildflower said...


★Silverstar★ said...

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Dreamstar said...

I don't know about that. The tunnels collapsed so that is why they couldn't follow her in. Because they could have been killed.

But why would Hollyleaf kill Firestar? He never did anything. And why would she join with Sol? He's not really evil. She isn't either.

I REALLY hate Hollyleaf because of her obsession with the warrior code. But still.

She isn't evil so why should she have to kill any other cat???

Just saying.

Rainstar said...

Yeah she was like SUPER obsessed with the warrior code but the book said that they couldnt FOLLOW her in so i just thought about that therory. =^.^=

Goldstripe said...

In the beginning of Fading Echoes, Tigerstar mentions a new recruit to Hawkfrost and orders him to talk to her. I think this new recruit is Hollyleaf.

Jaysea said...

There was proof since... I don't remember. It was either Fading Echoes or Night Whispers. K, here is the proof:
1. Hollyleaf is said to have "vanished into the tunnels" in The Fourth Apprentice.
2. 2 peices of proof in Fading Echoes or Night Whispers.
3. Hollyleaf never appears in the Dark Forest
4. Erin Hunter REFUSED to reveal whether Hollyleaf was alive or not, meaning she is alive.
5. Confirmed by Erin Hunter in Sign of the Moon.
Yeah, I figured it out a long time ago. You can tell. Also, Hollyleaf only needed to be removed from the prophecy, so she was sent off. She escaped in the river. And, I'm almost positive she is needed to defeat the Dark Forest. Yeah, she's on the Dark Forest's side, but then something makes her change sides and drive off the Dark Forest for good.

Jaysea said...

Goldstripe, I'm pretty sure that was Ivypool.

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Fallingweb said...

I'm Fallingweb, and I truly think Hollyleaf is well and thriving in the ancient tunnels with Fallen Leaves. Book 5 in Omen Of The Stars is called The Forgotten Warrior. I think the forgotten warrior is either Hollyleaf or Fallen Leaves. Anyone else with me? But if you read it please no spoilers... >.>