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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, the chat is over! I have collected a good amount of spoilers, and have some EXCLUSIVE information at the end of the list!


~Squirrelflight is unable to have kits
~Rosepetal and Foxleap will NOT become mates
~Cinderheart will discover her former identity
~There will NOT be a HawkxIvy Pairing
~Mapleshade is a fat, big she
-cat tortioseshell she
-cat, she is cold, cruel, and motivated by revenge.
~The title of the Crookedstar Super Edition is changed to Crookedstar's Promise
~Ivypaw can be evil, even though she is named after someone very sweet
~There will be kits in The Sign of the Moon- but their parents will be unexpected~Brairlight will live for some more time
~Heathertail no longer loves Lionblaze
~Ivypaw plays a central role in the second half of Oots
~Dovepaw will mature
~It is confirmed that Firestar will die
~Crowfeather's father is Deadfoot
~Hawkheart(the cat that murdered Moonflower in Bluestar's Prophecy)went to the Dark Forest
~Dovepaw and Ivypaw will get their names in The Sign of the Moon

NOW! For some EXCLUSIVE and shocking information:

The title of the FIFTH book of Oots will be... The Forgotten Warrior!This is more shocking. This is really shocking.

This is really, really, really shocking. (Q) Does Tigerheart like Ivypaw or Dovepaw... or both? If both, which does he love more?Vicky(A): Dovepaw is his fave.You think: Uh... That isn't shocking... It's obvious. Well... That's not was I was talking about. Kate answered that question VERY differently.Kate(A): Eww! I hope not! He's nasty! I don't think that he even thinks of them as individuals, just a means to his wicked, wicked ends.

I was shocked. Really, really, really- you get the point- shocked that Kate would speak of Tigerheart like this. I think she forgot that we don't know as much as she does. Vicky, apparently, revealed nothing about this. Was Kate mistaken? I'm not sure! I think we'll have to wait till Night Whispers to get more info on this! I hope you enjoyed this little spoiler post.


Anonymous said...

You copied this word for word from The Warrior Cat's Favorite Blog.

I have proof^
Please don't copy. You could have at least phrased it differently.

I am Butterfly's friend, and she did say no copying, if she finds out, I think she will be very mad. You could at least give her credit.


Please, or I will report this blog.

Icestar said...

Please just stfu. It is credited. Look at the word motivated. And I didnt do this. Its on the internet and i see no where where it say no copying. If you dont like it deal with it. Do you know how many peple would hate you if you reported this blog? It is one of the most popular blogs out there and also i saw this info somewhere other than that blog. And really i dont care who is mad. If you dont like it then go away.

Thanks ~~Icestar
Sorry for any inconvenience but nothing is changing

Moonfrost said...

I love this blog and i would be so sad if it was reported, please don't do it . I just started following it 2 weeks ago.

Icestar said...

Thanks Moonfrost. Some anonymous person has their friggin whitey tighties in a wad. People like that p-o me. Seriously they need to get a friggin life. My blog carries all the latest info and once its on the internet its a free game. Especilly if there isnt anything saying that it couldnt be copied. My blog is popular and Star was sharing important info with people. And just as a FYI this was found on the warriors Forums and not you friggin friends blog.

(Thanks for the support Moonfrost!:))

Butterflies said...

I really don't care if anyone copied. I really don't.

To Anonymos:

Look, I'm glad you tried to defend me, but you don't have to be that mean. I don't care. Though it was really nice of you guys to put a link to my blog under "motivated"

I think this was a big misunderstanding. :)


Butterflies said...

But also, I did really write that, I didn't copy it from anywhere. So if someone put it on the forums...

But I am still not mad at anyone :)

I hope this blog isn't reported, befcause I LOVE it!

Icestar said...

Thank You Butterflies(:

Willowdance said...

I just started following today, and I love it!

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...


xAsher said...

I love this Blog!!! =D This is one of my favorites, and I can't wait for Sign of the Moon to come out.

☠♥Maddie♥☠ said...

Why Thank Ya(: I can't wait for it either!

Anonymous said...

these spoilers are really cool!!! Thanks!!! I love your blog!!!

Sapphire T. said...

I am in love with the Warriors series! I would be devastated if they stopped making them. It also makes me happy to know about what the next book is about. It is sooo exciting to know what will happen. This blog is very good. Thanks a bunch for sharing what you now(: I really appreciate it(:

Anonymous said...

Kate was probably mistaken. She wouldn't be that absentminded and blurb all the secrets out. I think maybe she thought it was TigerSTAR by mistake... but who knows? I personally think she was mistaken.

Jayfeather314 said...

i think dovepaw and tigerheart will be together and hopefully dovepaw wont g=be a anoying brat anymore!

lionblazeluva said...

haha :D plus i REALLY hpoe lionblaze and cinderheart got bak 2gehor again .i no u've probably heard this billions of times but SERIOUSLY!!y did she leave him over the stupid little fact that he has a bigger destiny thn hers!!!! >:(

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Sign Of The Moon to come out.I read Night Whispers
as soon as it came out.Sign Of The
Moon IS coming out in APRIL.
I can't wait that long.....
Can you???

Anonymous said...

It's the midlle of march now and i still can't wait for it to come out!

firepawz57 said...

Have u heard about The Forgotten
Warrior? That's the 5th book!
It's coming out on November 22!
Can't wait!

redmorez said...

I always look at this blog for all my Warrior needs, well maybe, just MAYBE that "Butterfly" copied off Icestar's video ;)

Ya think?

Anonymous said...

Firestar's gonna die?I mean I saw this on sevral other sites but didnt know it was confirmed.Now I'm a little sad but old heros are gonna die.Thanks for telling us!

Emily said...

Agasp Firestar dies, where did you get this info?!?!

Well I dont like Firestar, but still...

Anonymous said...

hai guys!i have the hardback edition sign of the moon and have already read through it!here are some fake spoilers:
firestar doesnt die
there are no new kits in the clans;new kits in the tribe
Cinderheart does not discover her identity
briarlight doesnt die
There have been rumors about deadfoot being crowfeather's dad,but it is not mentioned.
(proud leader of lightclan,firestar's older sister and he is not a kittypet he was born in the forest and taken away)

Anonymous said...

Who else here admires jayfeather's wisdom?

Dawnfall said...

omg i dnt care if anyone copied. but i think that kate was just trying 2 throw u off.
PS. icestar, this iz the best blog EVER!!!

Temuulen said...

lionblaze cannot be on the cover of forgotten warrior he is gfolden not brownish!!! i thin k it is the cat ivypool and blossofall met in the tunnels the same cat that helped hollyleaf out. bc he said,"i thot u wer the other one." the person who left the herbs and rabbit out the camp was hollyleaf trying to help. holly leaf knows the dark forest and against it. maPLESHADE IS crookedstars mother or wife idk. tribe cats come and fight and help thunderclan in the final battle, hollyleaf has kits, lives in tunnels, the ginger tom in tunnels is ancient decendant of sharpclaw clAN cats that live in mountain now. blossomfall will turn against millie and kill her bc of neglect and abuse.squirrelflight has a kit that is in another clan secretly, maybe hollowpaw?
breezepelt will kill crowfeather, leafpool, and try to kill jayfeather and lionblaze, possibly hollyleaf.

Temuulen said...

warrior name is temuulen :D

Pearlfrost said...

Ive read Signs of the moon. It`s really good.

epicsmileyface200 said...

Oh God I can't wait for the Forgotten Warrior. I just got Sign of the Moon yesterday it took THAT long!!! At first I thought the cat on the SOTM cover was Brambleclaw but now I think it's Stoneteller because it says he is a brown tabby tome with amber eyes. Yes~Rockpath

Anonymous said...

ok ok look i want to know if hollyleaf will come back to thunderclan.and i think i have the idea of who the kits will be.oh...and WILL HOLLYLEAF SHOW UP IN THE DARK FOREST VS CLAN CATS BATTLE AND WILL SHE GO TO STARCLAN OR THE DARK FOREST

Anonymous said...

ok ok look i want to know if hollyleaf will come back to thunderclan.and i think i have the idea of who the kits will be.oh...and WILL HOLLYLEAF SHOW UP IN THE DARK FOREST VS CLAN CATS BATTLE AND WILL SHE GO TO STARCLAN OR THE DARK FOREST

Anonymous said...

I have a big spoiler to add:
*Quote from Sign Of The Moon*
*Pages 47-48*

Lionblaze pushed a big rock aside and halted. "I can see something," he mewed. "What? Is it...?" "No." Lionblaze's voice was tense. "It's just a tuft of fur... black fur. "Hollyleaf's fur..." Jayfeather breathed out. "Then she was hit by the rockfall." "But she's not here." Jayfeather struggled to keep his voice steady. "If these are the stones that struck her, they didn't trap her." He turned to strain his senses farther down the tunnel. But all he could hear was the whispering, too faint to make out, of the ancient cats. If they knew what had happened to Hollyleaf, they weren't sharing it with him. "You know what this means, don't you?" Lionblaze spoke close to Jayfeather's ear. "Hollyleaf is alive!"

Ok there yew go [:

Anonymous said...

Omigod I loved the sigh of the moon!!!!! Sooooo good!!!!!!!! Also the new book, the forgotten warrior, is sooooooo good :)