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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So Night Whispers is the book that almost every Warrior fan is looking forward too. So why not have a few ideas?

1. Jayfeather somehow convinces Leafpool to become a medicine cat.

This could be possible because in Fading Echoes Jayfeather wanted Leafpool there because he still needed her training, she still knew things that he didn't. In others ways it isn't possible. I don't think the Clan would agree to let her back into the position and she doesn't seem to want it very much.

2. Squirrelfight and Brambleclaw will get back together.

When they had quarrels there was always a battle where they needed each other and they ended up back together. Maybe this battle between ShadowClan made them come back together. Maybe Brambleclaw realizes that she only did what she did to protect her sister and that she didnt want to hurt him with the truth. They have been apart for awhile so I dont know, it might not happen.

3. Firestar dies! Killed By Tigerstar
In the battle between the Dark Forest and StarClan (If this happens in this book) Tigerstar finally gets what he wants and kills Firestar. I mean this is very possible especially when Firestar is as old as he is. He should be an elder by now and so should Graystripe Sandstorm and Dustpelt.

4. Ivypaw and Dovepaw have to fight each other

Well if Ivypaw is being trained by the Dark Forest and gains the dark ambition of Tigerstar to kill whoever needs to be killed to get what she wants, then yeah she will have to fight Dovepaw. Dovepaw might not fight at first but eventually she will have to, to defend herself.

Okay thats all for now. ^_^ Enjoy the therories!


MadiShae said...

Okay, I think those are some great theories! Mind if I post them on my blog?


Icestar said...



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Icestar said...

No prob:)

Anonymous said...

Hey i love warriors but some stuff aren't true. you should join this website but i <3 you
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Anonymous said...

*SPOILER ALERT*srry to burst your bubble but their all wrong.I just finished Night Whispers.Ivypaw is finnaly convinsed that Tigerstar is using her when she overhears him talking to Tigerheart.Sorry to you Flametail lovers but Flametail dies in this book.

StormStar said...

SPOLIER ALERT!!! Actually it's the other way around, FireStar kills TigerStar.