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Monday, August 16, 2010

So Much New Stuff!

OKay so by Now you should know about Sign Of the Moons! I found some interesting stuff About it! For all of you that dont know what it is, it is the 4th book in the Omen Of The Stars Series.
Release Date:
April 5th 2011
The Blurb:
Jayfeather recieves a desperate plea from an ancient mountain tribe that is struggling to survive. With the summons comes an ominous warning - an omen that suggests a perilous fate awaits the Clans.
So we know this is in the Clans and Jayfeather find out about some ominous warning for a disasterous end for the Clans! My mind is running riht now. I will sort my thoughts out and get back to ya with theories fr this one;)


Anonymous said...

I wish it wasn't going to be released so late!! Its soooo far away! i can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Quick heads up...! The new website will be raffling off signed copies of the book! Keep your eyes peeled :)