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Saturday, August 7, 2010

SkyClan's Destiny Spoliers

Okay before i start, I highly recommend this book. I think it was amazing!
(462 pages and i finished it in a dayXD)


So in SkyClan's Destiny Leafstar learns that she has to create deeper 'roots'. This means that she has to change the warrior code some to fit SkyClan because after all SkyClan is completely different from the other Clans. They face rogues and Kittypets not other Clan cats.

SkyClan has these cats called Daytime Warriors. They come to the camp during the day and go on Patrols and they train normally but at night they go and sleep with their twolegs.

There is this one cat named Billystorm (He is a day time warrior that is why half of his name is Billy) At the end of the book it leaves you at a hanging point T_T. Him and Leafstar grew really close and in the end it talks about how Leafstar wants him to be his mate and that he loved her. The Erins definitely should plan a sequel for this books. It would e interesting to know what happens between Billystorm and Leafstar.
Does he stay in the Clan permanately and take on a real warrior name? Do him and Leafstar have kits? If they do have kits it I think the kits should be called Firekit(After Firestar) Sandkit(After Sandstorm) And Stormkit(After Billystorm)

Leafstar looses a life to a cat named Misha. She is from a twoleg place and a cat named Dodge is her 'leader'. There are other cats such as Onion, Nutmeg, Harley and Red that are with Dodge.
4 cats came into the gorge (Stick, Coal, Cora and Shorty) They stay with the clan for a while and get to know their ways. One night Leafstar catches Sharpclaw and Stick training cats in the Twoleg Place. After she discover this Stik tells her why they really came. They came for help. Dodge and hi cats were taking everything from them. Leafstar sends a patrol of SkyClan cats to go and help she goes along with them and ends up losing a life.

Early in the book more rats were discovered. Withe the help of the 4 new comers SkyClan defeated the rats.

Leafstar learns the secret to why Shrewtooth is so scared. Remember the Twoleg who had Petalnose and her kits locked up? It turns out that he also had Shrewtooth but he managed to escape. The SkyClan cats send a patrol to frighten the twoleg so he wont harm anymore cats.

I really enjoyed this book and I really do hope they continue it. Sadly there is nothing about Night Whispers in it (Grrr).


Moonfrost said...

I haven't gotten the book yet but i can't wait to read it. I love super editions.

Anonymous said...

If there is a sequel, I think that Leafstar and Billystorm's kits should be Firekit, Sandkit, and Thornkit after Firestar, Sandstorm, and Snookthorn. I love Billystorm! He's my favorite character (besides Bluestar, Whitestorm, and Brackenfur). SkyClan should help the other clans and they should see Firestar and Sandstorm again.

Heartfur (dragonfang's sister) said...

Is SkyClan also in the Dark Forest battle, because Yellowfang said there will be a battle with the four clans, not five.

Heartfur said...

Who do you think is the forrgotten warrior? I think it is Hollyleaf, because in Sign of the Moon, Lionblaze found a piece of her fur.

Tigershade said...

This book is really good!

Anonymous said...

or u could call, it billykit..:)

Anonymous said...

It's Hollyleaf :)

Anonymous said...

I've read the book, it's Hollyleaf :) Forgotten warrior btw

Anonymous said...

I think one of the kits should be Cloudkit, after Cloudstar, or Skykit, after Skywatcher

Anonymous said...

What happens in Yellowfang's Secret?