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Friday, August 27, 2010

No New Info, but Special Prizes In our Future XD

I'm attempting to find more spoilers for our followers, but I can't find any! I'll keep looking! Anyway, we have a contest!!!!!! An example of a caption is on the bottom of the picture! Who ever has the best caption after 3 days wins a special prize from me and Icestar, so give us your best captions for what this cat is thinking! :3 Thank you!


Akire Flickerclaw said...

This color really brings out my eyes, don't you think?


Embertail said...

You think it's a LITTLE too big?

MadiShae said...

*Goes into panic mode.*

Who turned off the lights!?


Amme said...

The walls are closing in on me!!! I can't take it anymore!!!


Amme said...

The sky is falling!!!

Amme said...

Is it still snowing?